Anabolic Cooking

Anabolic Cooking Review

If you’re someone who is on the quest to add more lean muscle mass to your frame but has not been able to see the results that you desire, it’s time to take a good hard look at your diet.

Let’s face the facts, getting your nutritional all dialed in takes a lot of hard work – not to mention time. You have to plan out your diet, do the grocery shopping, cook the meals, and then finally make sure that you consume them when you’re supposed to.

If you feel tired just thinking about that, there’s on product out on the market that you’ll definitely want to consider. Dave Ruel, competitive bodybuilder himself has put together a complete nutrition package (Anabolic Cooking) that will teach you the in’s and out’s of good nutrition while providing you with a whole selection of recipes that you’ll never grow bored of.

If you’ve been on a muscle building diet before and have gotten to the point where you have as much desire to eat yet another chicken breast as you do to go clean your bathroom, this book’s for you. Food boredom will never be a challenge when you have access to all of his clean, muscle building recipes.

Let’s take a closer look at what this program is about so you can see for yourself whether it’s one that you want to invest in.

Anabolic Cooking – What This Program Is About

Many people often think that this program is just a bunch of recipes, but really, it’s so much more than that. Not only are you going to get over 200 muscle building oriented recipes that you can easily whip up even if you’ve never stepped foot into the kitchen, but you’re also going to get done-for-you meal plans to make putting on lean muscle mass a breeze (since you know that growing muscle is at least 60% about good nutrition), you’re going to get background information about what proper nutrition for muscle building really is, and you’re going to get money saving tips that will help keep your grocery budget down.

In addition to this, this program also helps walk you through the pre and post workout nutrition periods, which is the key time when you really want to make the most of what you’re eating to see serious muscle gains.

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Anabolic Cooking Features

When you sign up to use this program, you’re going to get multiple high-quality sources of information that you can use. You’ll get the Anabolic Cooking book which will show you precisely how to prepare each of the delicious meals featured in his meal plans, you’ll get the Complete Nutrition & Cookbook Quickstart guide, which will teach you how to prepare all your food for the week, the best way to go about handling the important eating times, and what to look for in any food to make sure that it’s going to help you build lean quality mass, and you’ll get meal plans for both muscle building as well as fat loss.

This key point allows you to easily transition from fat loss phases to muscle building phases as needed so that you can build your ideal physique.

To help make sure you stay right on track, Dave’s also included the Advanced Calorie Calculator that will let you determine precisely how many calories you must consume for maximum success. With this handy tool, there will never be a question as to how much you should be eating.

Target Audience

The people who will be best served by this product are those who are struggling with their nutrition and often fail to meet their goals because they simply either don’t like to cook or don’t know what they should be cooking.

By using this program you can easily overcome any diet obstacle you face and will find that healthy eating for muscle building or fat loss can taste great and be incredibly easy.

Anabolic Cooking Products

Anabolic Cooking Bonus Products

To help secure your decision that this is the program for you, Dave’s also included a few bonus guides that will help you see even better results.

First you’ll get the guide to pre and post workout shakes, which provides milkshake-tasting protein shakes that will supply your body with the key nutrients it needs before and after a hard workout.

In addition to this you’re going to get the Ugly Truth About Supplements, which reveals the in’s and out’s of what makes for a good supplement. If you ever feel overwhelmed about what supplements you should be using, this is definitely the guide to look over. Dave breaks down the cold, hard facts about some of the biggest time wasters out there.

Finally, you’ll also receive the anabolic cooking training and food log so you can easily keep track of everything that you’re eating and doing to help you achieve maximum results. All of this plus his guarantee that you’ll get unlimited updates for life make this a can’t-miss muscle building program.

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Anabolic Cooking Pros

  • Offers fast, quick recipes that taste great
  • Guides you through the cooking process so no prior cooking experience is required
  • Can be used by those who are looking for fat loss or muscle building
  • Includes detailed information to make sure that you see the results you’re looking for
  • Teaches you about high quality nutrition so you can maintain good overall health as well
  • Is easy to understand using his superior recipe format


  • No information is provided with regards to exercise programs so you’ll need another program for this
  • Those who are extremely picky or who have serious food allergies may not be able to make use of all the recipes provided, however there is enough variety provided that there are sure to be some that you can definitely make good use of

Anabolic Cooking The Final Verdict

Overall, this program is one of the better programs out there on the diet side of things to help you reach your goals. One of the best parts about it is that it caters to both fat loss and muscle building, while most other programs only focus on a single goal throughout.

This easily allows you to switch between dieting and muscle building periods so that you can completely transform your body over time without having to buy more and more programs to do it.

And the most important part? The food tastes absolutely fantastic. If you’ve seen any of Dave’s cooking videos, you’ll have a very good idea of just how tantalizing his recipes really are. He covers everything from protein chocolate bars to pancakes to healthy burgers so you’ll never be without a meal that you’re looking forward to.

When you use this program sticking with your diet will be easier than ever and that is the single most important factor for success.

Be sure to also check out Dave Ruel’s new product: Metabolic Cooking. It is packed with even more meals and nutrition advice.

So if you’re someone who does struggle with getting the diet element down and is looking for help making sure you’re doing everything possible to maximize your gym training workouts, give some serious consideration to the Anabolic Cooking program by Dave Ruel. You won’t be disappointed.

Anabolic Cooking Review

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