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Muscle Gaining Secrets by Jason Ferruggia Review

Jason Ferruggia

It’s no fun being skinny, weak, and scrawny. Just ask any guy that’s been picked on, laughed at by women, and constantly nagged to “eat more” by all his relatives. While it’s often not recognized as a problem, like being overweight is, being underweight can be just as harmful to your quality of life.

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Just ask Jason Ferruggia. Now, you wouldn’t know it by looking at him these days, but Jason was once a skinny toothpick who struggled with every weight gaining method under the sun. It wasn’t until he made some pretty shocking discoveries in a University Library that things finally changed for Jason. After Jason uncovered the secrets to muscle growth, he shot up to 177 pounds in just four weeks. That’s 22 pounds in only a month, which is incredible. But I’ve seen guys at my gym who follow Jason’s program make the same gains, and sometimes even more. So I know it can be done. Eventually, Jason’s weight settled to a rock-hard 231 pounds…all without steroids. Jason then went on to use his training and diet methods on clients, opening up his own training Facility in New Jersey. Over the last 15 years he has helped hundreds of Hardgainers pack on muscle with his unique system.

Goodbye Skinny Hello Serious Muscle Growth, Ripped Arms and Rock Hard Abs”

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You’ve likely seen him in the pages of Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and Maximum Fitness. He’s also appeared on Fox and ABC news. The guy’s got credentials, in other words. Until now, if you’ve wanted to pack on muscle as fast as possible, you had to work with Jason in his New Jersey facility. But now anyone can download his Muscle Gaining Secrets program and begin training the very same day. The same program that packs on over 20 pounds of muscle in just one month, and all without drugs or supplements.

A Muscle Building Roadmap

The bulk of Muscle Gaining Secrets program is centered on the Muscle Gaining Secrets Master Manual. Jason has truly provided a muscle building road map here. I was mostly impressed at the straightforward manner in which he provided the information. No mumbo jumbo, complicated charts, or science degree necessary here. Furthermore, some of the things revealed in Muscle Gaining Secrets shocked even me. Now, I’ve been a gym rat for over 8 years. I’ve also studied every weight training program under the sun. It’s rare for me to learn something new, but Muscle Gaining Secrets is chock full of ideas that had me scrambling for my pen in which to take notes. Of course, Muscle Gaining Secrets contains some great workout plans. Instead of bombarding you with a thousand different programs, Jason has narrowed it down to three that are guaranteed to trigger heavy muscle growth from head to toe. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced programs are covered here in a step-by-step fashion leaving nothing to chance. Jason has even thrown in printable workout sheets and training logs so that you can monitor every part of your progress and tweak things if you need to. He makes it crystal clear as to how many sets and reps are necessary to meet your goals, and tells you the absolute best exercises you must do for huge shoulders, ripped abs, and large biceps.

Finally, here is the most awesome part of Muscle Gaining Secrets

muscle_building_secrets_reviewJason has taken all of the guesswork that usually comes with meal planning. Throw away everything else you have on the subject, trust me. Jason has printable meal plans for different levels of caloric intake: 2000,3000,4000,5000 and even 6000 calorie meal plans are printable and laid out for you. Of course, Jason goes even further with his discussion of nutrition. You’ll find out the exact formula you need to determine how many calories, carbs, and protein you need to feed your muscle growth. Jason also has tossed in a few neat tips in here, including how to use sodium to get razor sharp muscle definition, “magic” food combinations that drive growth, and what foods will turbo-charge your sex drive.

Bottom Line

Price 3
Effectiveness 4
Difficulty 3
Product Delivery 4
Bonuses 5
Support 4
Overall 3.83

All in all, Muscle Gaining Secrets is truly a unique package that has combined everything Jason knows about nutrition and training, geared especially to hardgainers. I’ve seen people at my gym follow this program with great success, and even I was surprised at all the material and information that was packed into this quality system. The coolest part is that you can download Muscle Gaining Secrets safe and secure to your computer in just a few minutes by visiting Jason’s website. If you start tomorrow, you can pack on over 20 pounds of rock hard muscle in just a few short weeks. Give it a shot, you truly won’t be disappointed.

Check out Jason’s Muscle Gaining Secrets Now

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