The Truth About Building Muscle

The Truth About Building Muscle By Sean Nalewanyj Review

Sean Nalewanyj-Best Selling Author, Natural Bodybuilder, And Former 125 Pound Punching Bag

Sean Nalewanyj-Best Selling Author, Natural Bodybuilder, And Former 125 Pound Punching Bag

Sean Nalewanyj knows a thing or two about being a skinny geek. Being passed over by girls, beat up by the bigger kids, and the low self confidence that comes along with that experience. But that was before he changed his body, and his life, with a powerful training system. Sean reveals the training system that turned his life around 180 degrees in his new course: The Truth About Muscle Building. Now, I have to tell you something. I’ve reviewed and tried lots of courses in my time, but this might just be the most comprehensive and jam packed I’ve ever seen. First there is the Truth About Muscle Building book itself. Easily downloadable as a PDF file, Sean has stuffed this one to the gills with 266 pages of fantastic weight training information. I loved the step by step format. Really, even if you’ve never tried a program like this before, you won’t be lost.

The Truth About Building Muscle Highlights:

  • The one single scientific law of muscle growth, and why you must follow it if you hope to build muscle fast
  • Workout less than 3 hours a week for maximum results, Sean shows you how
  • Stop making the “rep count” mistake, you’ll learn exactly how many sets and reps you must perform to explode your growth
  • The most effective exercises that will inflate your muscles like balloons…you probably don’t even see anyone at your gym doing these
  • Finally, how to really train arms and make them grow….with only 2-4 total sets per week

“Who Else Wants A Button-Popping Chest…Sleeve-Ripping Arms… And Rock-Solid 6 Pack Abs…”

Stop wasting your time trying to build muscle and gain weight through poor nutrition and ineffective training techniques. Get The Truth About Building Muscle Now!

If all that wasn’t enough, the Truth About Building Muscle program doesn’t stop there!

Also included is the 26 week step-by-step workout plan.

This full, detailed 26-week workout guide outlines the exact pattern of days to spend in the gym along with the exercises, sets and reps for each workout. There’s even a printable logbook so that you can track your progress.

Next is my personal favorite: the Exercise Video Database.

All It Takes is Less Than 24 MINUTES A DAY!”

Sean has included a comprehensive online database of over 100 of the best exercises…and how you can safely perform them. Detailed instructions and video demonstrations show you exactly how to develop proper form and target your muscles for maximum growth. Additionally, The Truth About Building Muscle also has a meal plan. And it’s no joke, either. Sean realizes that there is no “one size fits all” diet, and has tailored this information to work for anyone and everyone. Meal plans for every calorie level are including, starting from 2000 calories all the way up to 6000. The information in this program is probably the most that I’ve personally seen anyone build into a program. In fact, The Truth About Muscle Building contains even more material, including a slew of training videos, personal training software, and even an MP3 audio course. The audio course was very well done. I loaded it into my Ipod and checked it out while I was doing my weekly cardio. This 8 part audio course is alone worth the price of the program, to be quite frank. Very well done, and extremely informative.


Truth About Building MuscleIn all, The Truth About Muscle Building is as complete a weight training/muscle building course as you can get. It’s literally a one stop shop that provides a masters degree in body transformation. If you’re sick of being skinny and picked on…if you’re ready to attract more women into your life than you could possibly handle, you won’t do better than this course. It would be impossible. It’s that good.

Two thumbs up!

Go ahead and visit the official website for The Truth About Muscle Building here. Sean made it really easy to download his program, fast and safe. Before you know it, you’ll be building muscle and changing your life for the best.

Get The Truth About Building Muscle Now!

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