Foods to Increase Fat Loss

Eat LeanDieting often makes people think of the foods they need to avoid. Most dieters focus on the foods they can no longer eat, and what foods they need to cut out to lose fat. The idea of foods that help with fat loss is often overlooked. There is controversy that surrounds the topic and many argue that there is not enough scientific proof to back some claims, however, some foods are just generally better for you anyway.

Too often dieters eliminate too many foods from their diet and miss the opportunity to boost their fat burning efforts. One often overlooked point is that when food is ingested the metabolism increases during digestion. The body needs energy to process the foods, even more so with certain nutrients, and that energy has to come from energy already within the body. Fat stores provide large amounts of readily available energy.

Here are some food that increase fat loss:

Foods to Increase Fat Loss #1: Leafy green vegetables/fibrous vegetables

Vegetables, especially fresh vegetables, have many health promoting qualities. Leafy green vegetables and fibrous vegetables generally have very few calories and require energy for the digestive system to break them down. The added fiber improves digestive system health which also improves digestion of other foods. These foods can also lead to a fuller feeling, eliminating the need for additional food to feel full.

Foods to Increase Fat Loss #2: Cayenne/Chili Peppers

The capsaicin in hot peppers may actually boost the metabolism. These peppers are also often low in calories and provide a good kick to a meal, eliminating some cravings.

#3 – Coffee and Tee

Although not a food, coffee or tea can be a very helpful tool in any fat loss program. They are generally low or no calorie and the caffeine can be a great energy and metabolism boost. The central nervous system stimulation provided by the caffeine increases focus and energy production which also causes an increase in the metabolism to supply that energy and support the other functions stimulated by the CNS. Just be careful with the cream and sugar. For those who have trouble with coffee or traditional teas, Yerba mate may be a good substitute. It is prepared just like tea but the caffeine in yerba is supported by other nutrients and does not cause the harsh effects of other caffeinated drinks.

#4 – Lean Proteins

Protein is essential for muscle repair and growth. It also takes quite a bit of processing during digestion, which means more energy used during the process. This increases the metabolism after a high protein meal. A steady supply of amino acids is important to signal the production of testosterone and growth hormone, and to repair the muscles that keep the metabolism up.

#5 Olive Oil

Healthy fats are essential for cardiovascular health. The fats taken in during a meal also signal the body that it can release stored fats because more are being taken in. Olive oil is an unsaturated fat that can be used by the body for the many vital functions that fat plays and it will signal the body to liberate some of its fat stores for energy.

#6 Stevia

This natural, calorie free sugar substitute is 300 times sweeter than sugar. This sweetener can replace the sugar in your coffee, on your cereal, or any where you need a little sweetness. It will help satisfy that sweet tooth.

Foods to Increase Fat Loss #7: Cinnamon

This spice not only adds a little zip and sweetness to many foods it also has a blood sugar maintenance property. It helps control blood sugar levels which will also keep insulin in check and promote fat loss.

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