Four Fat Burning Myths To Remember

Fat Loss MythsAs you go along with your fat loss diet and workout plan, one thing that you must take into account are all the various fat burning myths that surround the industry. Far too many people fall for some of these myths and it ends up throwing them completely off course as they miss out on doing something that could potentially just help their progress.

There’s no secret master diet plan that is going to solve everyone’s fat loss program, so you should always question everything you hear. Statements that seem a little too rigid on just one single idea are often questionable and you have to ask yourself whether this would apply to everyone in every scenario.

Let’s quickly go over four of the top fat burning myths that you need to start questioning because they definitely are not necessarily true for you.

Late Night Eating Will Cause Fat Gain

The very first myth that you should know so that it doesn’t stand in your way of seeing fat loss success is the myth that you must avoid late night eating at all costs.

While it will be problematic for some individuals as they’ll sit down and proceed to eat hundreds of calories worth of chips, chocolate, candy, and soda, for those who plan this late night snack into their total daily calorie intake, it definitely does not need to lead to fat gain.

In fact, it can be very helpful as it can help to decrease the anxiety one feels about dieting altogether as you know you won’t have to go to bed hungry.

Empty Stomach Cardio Accelerates Fat Loss

The second myth to note is the myth that states you should always perform cardio training on an empty stomach for best results.

First note that if you’re doing higher intensity forms of cardio, eating beforehand will be a must. You simply can’t sustain higher levels of intensity without eating something first.

Secondly, note that some people perform incredibly bad without eating regardless of what the intensity is. If this is you, you’re far better off eating a snack, doing your cardio, and cutting back on calories elsewhere in the day instead.

It’s now when you eat your food that matters as much as how much food you eat.

Low Carb Diets Are A Must

Moving along, the next myth is that in order to see weight loss success, a lower carb diet is needed.

Again, this is inaccurate. While many people do get far better success using low carb diets, for others they’ll fail miserably on them.

They feel unwell, they get dizzy and lightheaded, and they hate their food selection.
In this scenario, a higher carb diet is definitely a wiser move.

If You Aren’t Losing, Decrease Your Calories Further

Finally, the last myth to note is the myth that states that if you aren’t losing body fat, you should just reduce back on your calories further. This is a big myth because while in many cases this is exactly what’s needed to get results moving along again, in other cases it can actually be counterproductive.

If you’ve been dieting for a longer period of time, the reason you are plateaued could be because your metabolism has just slowed down. In order to bring it back up again, you have to come off the diet, increase your calorie intake, and hold it there for a week or two.

Then when you go back down to dieting, you’ll see faster results.

A lower calorie intake is not always the best decision in some cases.

So there you have just a few of the top fat loss myths that you need to take note of and make sure you aren’t falling for. Were any of these sneaking by you?

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