Gaining Weight For Women

It is odd that you see women looking to put on weight these days, but many of them out there are underweight and want to add some muscle. Being too thin is not the desired look. A curvy and more toned body is often what is sought after and even healthier for most women. The media tends to focus on people who want to lose weight, but in this article you will learn about what is involved for women looking to gain weight.

Being underweight can be as result of a fast metabolism and is often tied to genetics. Women are sometimes scrutinized for being underweight and will sometimes cause them physiological and emotional issues. Once you become confident and comfortable that you body reflects you as an individual, then you can move towards ways to  increasing your body weight.

Weight training

If you are looking to gain weight then you want to start weight training. Although for women it might be a little intimidating to get started, it is necessary to put on weight without adding excess fat. Woman sometimes believe if they start lifting weights they are going to look manly and like a bodybuilder. This is not true. You can get a toned, tight body with the assistance of weight training and a healthy diet.

Gain Muscle Not Fat

So when you think of gaining weight, you picture someone eating a bunch of junk food and food loaded with calories. You will indeed gain weight doing this, but you will become flabby and look fat. The majority of fat usually accumulates around the abdominal area, which is definitely not what you want. You need to focus on healthy foods to gain weight without the excess fat. Look to eat about 500 pounds more than you normally do. You want to aim for 35-40% of your calories being protein, 40% being carbs, and 20% being fat. Be sure you are eating every 3 hours and get 5-6 meals a day.


Although not necessary, if you have your diet intact supplements can assist in adding lean muscle. Creatine is one of the more popular supplements that are beneficial to gaining weight. Creatine is a form of an amino acid that helps retain water in your body to assist in building muscles. Whey protein is another great supplement that can be used for in gaining weight. It makes a great meal replacement for those who do not have the time to make 6 meals a day.

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