Get Bigger Forearms with These Exercises

ForearmsIf your unshapely forearms are starting to get you down, try some muscle building exercises that really do the job of increasing the size and overall musculature of your lower arm. Forearms can be one of the toughest muscles in the body to build, but they are very important if you are looking to increase size in other parts of your body as well. Your pectorals, biceps, triceps, and traps are all reliant on the amount of gripping power you have in your hands. If you have weak forearms, you will be unable to build the solid muscle mass that you seek. Here are a look at some different training exercises to get your forearms pumped and ripped:

Reverse Curl for Bigger Triceps

The reverse curl is just like a regular bicep curl, only your hands are to be facing away from your body instead of towards. When you perform a curl in this fashion, there is less onus being put on your biceps and increased stress being placed on your forearm. You should take this exercise slowly and use much less weight than you would for regular bicep curls until you get a feel for the exercise. While you are still relying on your biceps to perform a great deal of the exercise, it is your forearms that are being asked to lift the majority of the weight.

Wrist or Forearm Curl

This exercise really focuses on the supinatior and pronator areas of your forearm. What you want to is rest your arm on your thigh with your hand and wrist hanging over the edge. Then, you will take a dumbbell and curl your wrist in an upward motion towards your torso. Once you have curled it back as far as it will go, slowly let the weight drop back down to its original starting position while also contracting the muscle in your forearm. This is not only a great strength exercise, it also does a superior job of defining your forearm muscles. It is important when doing this exercise that the majority of your forearm is resting on your leg to get the full benefit of the exercise.

Reverse Wrist or Forearm Curl

There is also the reverse wrist curl, which is the exact same exercise as the regular wrist curl only your palm faces the floor instead of facing the ceiling. You will probably want to do these first, as the lower forearm which is the major muscle responsible for being able to lift the weight gets fatigued very easily with wrist curls. Therefore, getting the full benefit of forearm curls means doing reverse curls first, as they are the more important exercise for muscle building.

In no time, you, as well as others, should be noticing quite a difference in the size of your forearms. They are one of the most visible parts of your body, and you want to be able to show them off with pride. A few extra minutes in the gym will yield terrific results that you will be able to both see and feel.

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