Get Healthier, Bigger and Stronger by Working These 6 Underrated Muscles

MusclesEvery muscle in your body is important. And no matter where a muscle may be on your body, if you do not work it beyond its normal work load (a state of rest that is the default for most muscles), it will begin to atrophy. Of course, nearly every self respecting gym rat works their quads, biceps and pecs. But some other parts of the body which are equally important, just are not treated as if they were.

1. Rotator cuff

Your rotator cuff will never get huge. As only a few individual muscle fibers, it really can’t. But if it fails, your flexibility will dwindle, and your ability to lift anything effectively (no matter how large and powerful your deltoids may be) will suffer horribly. The responsibility of your rotator cuff is just as its name implies – it allows your arms to rotate, such as when throwing a baseball.

2. Obliques

These fast twitch muscles flanking your abs may not seem like anything special. But try walking or sitting up properly without their stabilizing force. In short, you need them. And while being a part of your core means they are unlikely to get truly feeble, many people just don’t work them like they should – which can lead to balance problems, and sudden injuries during lifting and turning.  Workout your obliques with dumbbell side bends.

3. Trapezius

The trapezius is quite possibly the most ignored muscle group in the human body. And it is a travesty, because a thick neck says very important things about you. If nothing else, it says you have a head on your shoulders… and intend to keep it stable.  Check out these trap exercises.

4. and 5. Forearms

Your forearms have two parts which are both so distinctly useful (and underrated) they deserve two spots. Your forearm extensors (which let you open your hand to smack a volleyball) and your forearm flexors (which let you bring your hands in to clap) are just the obvious parts of your forearms. Keep in mind that each finger has a flexor and extensor of its very own. And if you do not work them, you will turn into one more geriatric cliché, as you have to beg someone else to open jars for you.

6. Calves

Unless you run and lift weights, do ballet or bicycle, the various muscles of your calves will shrink steadily throughout your life time. And since you need them for more than just looking like more than a peg legged pirate, you might want to pay your calves the attention they deserve.

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