Get The Body You Always Wanted: A Superhero’s

Super Hero BodyWe have all spent countless hours as kids locked in our room plowing through a giant stack of comic books. When we were not staring at the bursting bosoms of the damsels in distress vividly illustrated on the pages of our favorite comic, we were in awe of the massive physique of our favorite superheroes.

Fortunately, you do not need superpowers to have a super body. Here is how to get not just jacked, but “superhero jacked” (you should still leave the tights at home).

Get a Chest Like Superman

How? Dumbbell Bench

If you want a chest that bullets will bounce off of, you better start benching at least 1.5x your bodyweight. To do so, you need to correct imbalances in your arms and chest.

The only way to do that is to skip the bar and grab a pair of heavy dumbbells. When you laser-focus on your form, you’re body will naturally regain balance –letting you put up even more weight.

Get Arms Like Wolverine

How? Hammer Curls

Hammer curls are one of the best moves for getting arms harder than adamantium. Not only do hammer curls stimulate your biceps a bit different than a palms-up approach, but they involve your forearms and brachialis muscle as well.

Get Shoulders Like The Hulk

How? Lateral Raises

Just about anyone with a Hulk-like rage can military press a few plates, but in order to get your shoulders to look more like the Hulk and less like Bruce Banner, you need to focus on the medial head of your deltoids.

As sure as the Hulk is green, the best way to stimulate your side-shoulders is from lateral raises. Because this motion puts strain on your rotator cuff, instead of seeing how much you can lift, focus on proper form and a controlled movement.

Get Abs Like Spiderman

How? Swiss Ball Crunches

To get abs that you can see through your shirt, it’s important to work the abs through their full range of motion. One of the best ways to do this is to take your crunches from the floor to an exercise ball. Is that your spider sense tingling or your abs burning?

Get Forearms Like The Thing

How? Farmer’s Walk

Get “rock hard” forearms like The Thing from Fantastic 4 by using your forearms the way they were meant to be used: grabbing and holding onto stuff. After doing a few sets of wrist curls, head over to the weight rack and pick up two heavy weights. Then walk around the gym, seeing how long you can go until your grip gives out.

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