Getting The Jump Start On Your 2012 New Year’s Resolutions


With the new year 2012 upon us, many of you may be starting to think about what you’re going to set for your New Year’s resolutions.

Every year many people set resolutions that are related to health and fitness but sadly, by the time Valentine’s day rolls around, much of them have dropped off their program entirely.

So what can you do to ensure that you stick with your resolutions this year? What can you do to make sure that this is the year that you do move forward with your progress?

Let’s look at some of the top things to keep in mind so that you can get a jump start on your
2012 New Year’s Resolutions.

Get The Help You Need

The very first thing that you must do if you want to succeed is assess what it is going to take for you to reach your goals and make sure that you have help lined up to help get you to that end point.

Far too many people dive onto a goal without really understanding what’s involved and how to even begin going about the process to achieve success.

Do not let yourself do this. There are far too many people out there who are ready and willing to help you out where you need it.

Whether this means investing in a personal trainer, speaking to a nutritionist, or finally getting those counseling sessions to figure out why you’re emotional eating – just do it. Your success depends on it.

Come Up With A Game Plan

Next, also make sure that you come up with a game plan for success. You can’t expect to land upon point B if you have no road map to get there from point A.

Just like you wouldn’t set out driving to a destination without knowing exactly how to proceed forwards, don’t set out to reach your goals without direction.

Break your goal down into stepping stones so that you have mini-goals to focus on each and every step of the way. This will make it far more manageable and make you more likely to stay the course.

Get A Support System In Place

Moving along, also look into getting a good support system in place. Those who have supportive people in their lives who encourage them along the way are far more likely to see success than those who go about their goals on their own.

Even if you don’t have best friends or a significant other to support you, consider turning online. There are plenty of resources online that you can use – forums, chat rooms, and online trainers, that you should never feel alone as you go about your journey.

Support really can make the difference between success and failure during those tough times, so don’t overlook this.

Set Some Deadlines With Rewards

Finally, the last thing that you should be doing to help you succeed with your New Year’s resolutions this year is to set some clear deadlines and have rewards in place at each one.

The biggest problem many people face with their resolutions is procrastination. They’re going to start their diet ‘tomorrow’. They’ll begin their workout on ‘Monday’.

Only tomorrow or Monday comes and next thing you know, they’re putting it off another week.
Start getting a deadline in place for what you want to accomplish weekly and only reward yourself if the deadline and goals are met. If you can’t hold yourself accountable, get someone else to.

So there you have a few quick tips that you can use immediately as you move forwards with your fitness and health goals for the New Year.

Commit and make sure that this is the year that you finally see success!

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