Amino acids are the building blocks of all of the protein in the body. They are absolutely essential for muscle growth, and virtually every function and process that occurs inside of the human body. This is why they are so commonly included among bodybuilding supplements of all varieties. While most people do not realize it, however, all amino acids are not created equally, and your body needs them in varying percentages and concentrations. The single most prevalent amino acid in human muscles is L glutamine, which is found in 61% of skeletal muscle. Additionally, L glutamine contains a fairly high percentage of nitrogen, and is the primary transporter of nitrogen to the cells.

Perhaps the most shocking things about L glutamine are the extent to which it is depleted from the body through strenuous exercise. Studies have concluded that after a seriously rocking workout, it can take up to six full days for your L glutamine levels to return to normal, and that you can feel drained and run-down while waiting for them to do so. This is why it is so vital that any bodybuilding supplement stack contain a L glutamine supplement. While some amino acids contain sufficient levels of L glutamine, chances are you are going to want to find an L glutamine-only supplement.

Generally, it is recommended that L glutamine supplements provide roughly 10-15 grams of the amino acid daily, and most experts insist that it is most effective when maintained throughout the day in 2-3 5 gram doses. Most commonly, bodybuilders incorporate their L glutamine supplements into their stacks first thing in the morning and right before bed. If you do choose to incorporate a solo L glutamine supplement into your stack, it is important to check the levels that may be contained in any other supplements you are using to ensure proper dosing.

L glutamine provides a significant boost to metabolism, strength and the ability to recover. This means that being deficient in the key amino acid can be severely detrimental to both your workout and your health.

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