Home Made Weight Gainers

There are hundreds of commercial weight gainers on the market. They range from powdered milk with sugar and flavoring added to scientifically formulated protein and complex carbohydrate packed powders. The costs of these weight gainers vary as greatly as their formulations. Weight gainers are an important part of the hard gainers nutritional program.

Weight Gainers

Weight gainers come in handy for any hard training athlete who can not take in enough calories through their daily diet. Whole foods should always make up the bulk of caloric intake. Weight gain supplements are just that, supplements. Even the weight gainers with a good nutrient break down could lead to imbalances if they made up the bulk of the diet.

Many athletes use several different supplements, which can quickly become a financial strain. Many of these nutrients or minerals cannot be obtained otherwise. To save money, which can then be used on the essential supplements, some bodybuilders turn to home made weight gainers. Since these are usually made of whole foods, they provide many needed nutrients.

Home Made Weight Gainers

A good blender, low cost protein powder, and many foods and flavorings you can find in the grocery store are all that is needed to make a quality weight gainer right at home. For those who are not lactose intolerant, milk makes a good base for the weight gainer. Add some low cost, low carbohydrate protein powder, some fruit (bananas, berries, etc.), some flaxseed, olive, or fish oil, powdered or pasteurized liquid egg product, plain or vanilla yogurt, and some flavoring to taste, to the overall mix and you could have a nice muscle building, home-made weight gainer.

The actual ingredients will depend on individual taste and preferences. Whole fruits and vegetables are preferred for their vitamin and nutrient content. The oil adds some essential fat to the mix. The egg and milk add a wide array of amino acids to the mix. The yogurt adds digestive aids, in the form of essential bacteria. The protein powder adds additional calories in the form of protein.

Some people like to add liquid amino acids or liquid MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) to the mix. Liquid vitamin and mineral supplements might also be added for convenience. Chocolate syrup, exotic flavorings, and sugar can be added for additional flavor. Some people have even added maple syrup or honey for a different twist. It is important to note that sugar calories have no effect on overall muscular development and for people with a high metabolism, are often simply burned off with no impact on muscle development.

Weight gain shakes can be used to get extra calories when a whole meal is not possible. On the road, at school or work, or at the gym it is often hard to get a real meal in. This is where weight gain supplements can help. A home made weight gainer can be made ahead of time and placed in a thermos, water bottle, or other container and stored until it is needed. It may need to be shaken up to remix it. This is a convenient way to feed the muscles after a workout or in between meals.

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