How To Build Bigger Calf Muscles

Bigger Calf MusclesIf you’re like most people, you understand the importance of getting in your leg workouts. Having strong legs is essential since these literally form the foundation upon which you’ll use every day to carry out every other activity you complete.

Unfortunately though, when most people hit the gym for a leg workout, they go in and perform squats, deadlifts, lunges, and leg presses all without thinking about what they should be doing for their calves.
Calf training is something that alludes many people as they just aren’t quite sure how to train this muscle group in order to get bigger.

If you want to get bigger calves however, it’s important that you keep a few training principles in mind.
Let’s have a look at the main things that you should be considering.

Bigger Calf Muscles – Use A Variety Of Exercises

The very first thing that you must do if you want to build bigger calves is to make sure that you’re using a variety of different exercises. Don’t go into the gym and perform the same standing calf raise over and over again.

Remember, for maximum muscle growth and development, you’ll want to target the calves from a variety of different angles.

This means doing some seated calf raises, some standing calf raises, as well as some calf raises with the foot positioned off a step to extend your range of motion.

If you aren’t varying it up in your routine, you’re never going to get the size gains that you’re looking for.

Build Bigger Calf Muscles – Alter Your Weight

The second thing that you should keep in mind when looking to get bigger calves is to alter your weight level as well.

It’s important to perform both heavy weight, lower rep sets as well as a few lighter weight, higher rep sets.
This will give the calves the benefit of both worlds and help to accelerate the growth process. While typically to build bigger muscles you want to focus on heavier weight, lower rep lifts, for the calves since they are a more endurance focused muscle, some higher rep work will be important as well.

Try and perform both types of sets in each workout session for best results.

Consider Cardio

Finally, the last thing that you’ll want to think about when training to get bigger calves is the cardio sessions that you’re doing.

If you’re currently running for cardio, consider changing this up and doing some uphill walking instead. Since you’ll be working at an incline for that form of cardio training, this will cause the calves to contract harder with each step you take, therefore really enhancing the overall progress that you make.
Uphill walking burns just as many calories as running does and will challenge your cardiovascular system in the same way as well.

So there you have all the main points to keep in mind when going about your calf training to help further increase the size and development of this muscle.

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