How to Get a Bigger Butt

Get a bigger buttFreddie Mercury most likely said it best with, “Fat bottomed girls, you make the rockin’ world go ‘round.” But of course, some ladies simply are not blessed with a naturally “bubblicious” butt. But in the same way most men aren’t blessed with abs of granite or pecs that look like they could be launched like missiles, a woman who is not a natural wunderkind can work with what she has… and she can build more.

Truth be known, there are two ways you can build more size onto your butt. One unfortunate way that many women take is called the “Haagen-Dasz Diet.” Aside from its risks of diabetes, heart disease, and some kinds of cancers, it is kind of a back handed way to accomplish a goal. It’ll grow your butt – just not in the ways you would actually like it to be growing. And of course, there is exercise.

A good exercise regimen to build your butt will not only enhance your natural curves. It will also make you more able to conduct “athletic activities.” In short, it’ll enhance your lovemaking skills. So let’s… get down to it.

Exercises for a Bigger Butt

1. Exercise bike. Cycling is a great way to tone up your thighs and butt. To add more muscle, turn up the intensity. You can do this on a stationary bike by turning the resistance knob most feature – and if you’re actually out on the road, either turn up the speed or find a hill. But don’t just go up the hill – attack the hill sitting down (to really target your glutes). You WILL feel a burn. Now attack it again.

2. Squats. It doesn’t so much matter whether you use weights to squat with, or just do natural squats. Squeeze your butt cheeks as you press upward, and you will really hit them. With weighted squats, you can build more muscle mass – but do a hundred or so without any weight but your own, and tell me it isn’t good for what you sit on.

3. Lunges. These force your hips to do some work, and targets your outer hip flexors. These make your butt look a little wider (if you’re afraid of looking like a boy from the belly down). When several sets of lunges no longer burn, try jumping lunges. Yes, jump from a lunge with your left foot forward, straight into a lunge with your right foot forward – and that’s only one rep. Enjoy.

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