How to Get a Skinny Waist

Slim Waist

Many people start training and dieting with goal of achieving a skinny waist. More and more people are seeking this goal, as the importance of health and exercise is becoming more prevalent. Obesity and overweight adults keep increasing due to junk food, laziness of society and plain lack of exercise. There are multiple layers to the problem of getting a nice skinny waistline, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start today.

How to Get a Skinny Waist

No matter what you hear, there are not any miracle exercises, amazing diets, or magic pills that will get you a skinny waist. There is a combination of things that will help you get and keep a skinny waist. You need a combination of a well balanced nutrition, a solid workout or training program, and proper rest and recovery.   Figuring out the ideal diet and workout routine is the struggle most people face when trying to lose weight.

Nutrition is the Key For a Skinny Waist

As far as nutrition goes, remember that if you want to reduce your fat that is hanging around your mid section, you have to reduce the amount of calories that you consume. Lower caloric intake will mean you will lose fat all over.  Another good idea is to reduce simple carbs and saturated fats. To lose a pound worth of fat a week you have to eat 3500 calories less than you use because a pound of fat has around 3500 calories in it. You could just reduce the calories you eat by 500 every day or you could do both calorie reduction and increase the calories you burn by adding more exercising.   One example would do some cardio or weight training in which you burn about 250 calories  and decrease your diet by 250 calories for a total calorie reduction of 500 calories.  You can lose about 3,500 calories (the equivalent of 1 pounds of fat) every week safely. Try to aim for 1 pound a week otherwise you risk losing lean muscle and your metabolism will drop.

Skinny Waist By Proper Exercise

No one exercise will magically give you a slender waist but a combination of cardio and weight training will help your burn calories and help shed that fat.   Any exercise that increases your heart rate will burn calories and help you lose fat.   Abdominal exercises help tighten and tone your midsection but will not get rid of fat.  Some of these exercises are crunches, side bends, leg raises, hyperextensions and trunk twists.  Building up your back, chest, and shoulders will also help to give your waist a skinnier look.

The formula for a skinny waist is a combination of exercise, diet, and hard work and consistency. You cannot do one alone and expect to have a skinny waist. You can run and workout for hours each day and still get rid because you are not eating right.  Losing fat from your entire body at around 1 pounds every week should be the ideal goal. Eat healthy by avoiding fast foods, fried foods, thick creamy sauces, sugary foods and any other processed foods.  Remember that all those burgers and doughnuts tend to sit around your hips! Find a healthy diet you can stick to, and figure out a great exercise routine and watch your whole body get skinny.


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