How To Stay Motivated to Workout and Eat Well

Let’s face it; sometimes it is difficult for us to accomplish our goals without motivation. Motivation keeps us on track and reminds us of what we are trying to accomplish and why. It is funny that a simple comment about how fit we are looking our how we have lost some weight can give us the extra boost to work even harder in the gym and become even more focused on our diet. Here are some ways we can stay motivated to workout and eat well:

1.  Track of your weight and body measurements
Nothing is more motivating than when you are starting to see results in your size and shape. When you actually see that your diet and training is resulting in a smaller waist, it gives you added motivation to continue to eat right and train consistently. You do not need to do this everyday, but I would suggest tracking your body measurements once every two weeks and tracking your weight once every week. Make sure you do this at the same time of the day each time.

2.  Take Pictures of yourself
Whether you’re looking to build muscle or lose fat, nothing is easier to see progress by than a simple before and after picture of yourself. Try to take a picture of yourself once a month to see the progression that you are making. You will be amazed how seeing the actual results can motivate you to continue your diet and training routine.

3.  Make a bet with yourself or someone else
Make a bet with yourself to stay motivated. Something like you will go buy a few outfits if you reach a certain goal. You can bet a family member as well. Let them make the bet and if you reach it then they have to pay up.

4.  Compete with someone
This is one of the best ways to stay motivated. Find someone to compete with that has similar goals. Say for instance, the one that loses the most weight in 12 weeks buys the other a nice gift, etc. A little friendly competition will ensure your diet doesn’t slip up.

5.  Learn to cook tasty healthy meals
Another way to stay motivated to eat right is have fun cooking healthy and nutritious meals. Make it a priority to learn to cook new meals every week that actually fit your diet. Eventually eating healthy will become just a normal habit.

6.  Buy an Ipod
Music is a great way to get you through a workout.  Don’t miss out on this is motivation.  It will help you lift more weight and make you muscle building workouts more intense for sure.

If you have any other ways that you stay mostived please comment below.

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