How to Waste Your Time in the Gym

GymsDo you just have too many hours in the day? Do you frequently sit there, just wishing you had something, anything to do? No? Good, you might actually have a life to live, and something constructive to do with your time here on Earth.

Unless you’re immortal, you only have so long, after all. So why would you want to waste any time at anything that wasn’t getting you where you want to be? Unfortunately, without even thinking about it, far too many men and women waste valuable time in the gym every day. Here are a few things they do.


If you’re in the gym to meet your special someone, give yourself a break. As great as it is to check out a handsome or beautiful person while they struggle and sweat through their exertions, that isn’t helping you any. In a lot of cases, you are just wasting valuable time you could be using to sculpt your body into the type of view that can take people’s breath away like hill sprints. Simply put, gawking is a waste of the time you need to be spending building up your fitness level.

Too many isolation exercises

One of the worst things you can do to your body is to try and isolate smaller muscle groups. Think of how an animal’s body moves. Do you honestly think a cheetah would consider making itself stronger and faster by flexing one or two of its legs in one direction against some silly machine?

Not only do isolation exercises make your body less able to function as a singular unit (which is what it’s intended to do in the first place). They also train you unevenly. While it might look nice to have a particular part of your body be stronger than another part, a human body is built to function with all parts balancing each other out. If you want to get bigger and stronger, focus on compound exercises which work two or more major muscle groups, at the minimum.

Not stretching enough

You may be wondering why we’re talking about not stretching as a waste of time. You’re naturally flexible, right? While this might very well be the case, you still have the potential to injure yourself if you don’t stretch properly. But let’s pretend you never get injured, because you’re just that tough.

Have you ever considered that the act of stretching your muscles can actually help them to grow larger and stronger? When you open up your muscles through a good stretch, you allow them to expand outward (something that bodybuilding God Arnold swears by). Keep in mind that most of the strenuous movements you perform are more than just strengtheners; they’re also stretches.

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