Hugh Jackman Workout Routine

Hugh Jackman Wolverine Workout

Hugh Jackman has been described as not only one of the sexiest actors but also one of the most muscular actors. Although Hugh Jackman was in great shape for the X-Men movies, he needed to get seriously ripped for his role as Wolverine in X-Men Origins. In order for him to get his ripped look, it was important for him to stay lean while also gaining muscle.

Hugh Jackman Workout Routine

Hugh Jackman was involved in a two phase weight training program. Each phase should be done from 6-12 weeks, from 1-2 hours, five days a week. He also ate six meals a day with lots of vegetables and lean proteins.

The first phase was the gaining muscle phase. The first thing Hugh Jackman did in order to add rock hard muscle mass to his body was lift very heavy weights using the 3 second technique. For example, when bench pressing you would lower the weight for one second and press it back up for three seconds. This method was designed to put more attention on the muscles forcing them to adapt and grow. These exercises included bench-press variations, barbell lunges, squats, leg presses and other variations.

The second phase in his training was the strength training phase. In this phase, Hugh would lift the heaviest weights possible with no rules or tempo.

Hugh Jackman Wolverine Workout

Now remember that Wolverine is not supposed to look like a bodybuilder, it is a very athletic role and Hugh Jackman needed to move like an athlete, therefore on Fridays, Hugh Jackman would participate in an hour and half boot camp class.

Again, his phases can last 6-12 weeks. At the end of each phase, Hugh Jackman would only lift for one day and fill the rest of the week with yoga, Pilates, running, and stretching.

Throughout these workout routines, it is important to have variations. This forces the body to change and become more fit.

Here are some tips to alternate your workouts:

  • Number of sets
  • Number of reps
  • Tempo
  • Alternate between whole body workouts and specific body parts
  • Number of days you workout (3-5). On weeks that you feel that you are really sore, it is good to add an extra day of training. The worst thing you can do for a sore body is not doing anything.

Before you decide to take on this workout, it is important to realize actors who take on roles of action heroes etc., are already in pretty good shape. Actors also usually train for several months to achieve the look needed for the role. They are very dedicated to their diet and workout routine.

Many people decide to get in shape after the New Year or after hearing/reading about a celebrity workout. Within a few weeks, people quit because they do not see their desired results. Remember, this workout was designed for Hugh Jackman who was already in great shape. Each person should make their own personal modifications to reduce chances of injury and increase the chance of success. Most important, be patient for results. This workout requires dedication.

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