Is consistency in Training and Eating Holding You back?

You know how excited and motivating you get when you start a new training routine or new diet. You will plan the first few weeks out looking for great results. After a month or so, you start being less consistent. You start missing workouts, changing your workout routine, or even slacking on eating like you had planned to start.

Many people fall trap not setting goals and following through on them. You need to be consistent in your training and dieting. If you plan on eating 4000 calories with 40% protein, 40% carbs, and 20% fat, you need to follow through on this plan. Do not start eating differently after a few weeks just because you do not see immediate results. The key to building muscle is to be consistent for long periods of time. Building muscle takes time and dedication. Do not be lazy!

How to stay consistent

  • Set training goals. Write these down and look at them often.
  • Plan your meals and training every week. Write these down and follow through with them.
  • Do not vary training routines so quickly! Don’t keep switching routines in the weight room, give each routine at least 6 weeks.
  • Track progress. How do you know if your training routine and diet is working? Write your measurements and lifting stats to see how you have progressed. Seeing this will keep you more motivated to work harder.

Happy Lifting!

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