Is Fish Oil The Best Fat Burner Out There?

We’ve all been there: as you check yourself out at the mirror, you nod in a approval at your fit body –except for that stubborn belly fat. Despite trying everything for a skinny waist: counting every carb on your plate and spending grueling hours on the treadmill, you can’t seem to shake those love handles.

If you’re considering a fat burner, watch out. The vast majority of them are either worthless or dangerous. In fact, the FDA recently banned the most popular fat burner on the market, Hydroxycut, after it was linked to liver damage.

Don’t fret, there’s hope in the form of an unlikely fat burner that’s becoming more and more popular in bodybuilding circles. Not only is it safe, but it actually benefits your entire body. The amazing new fat-burning supplement is fish oil.

Fish Oil  – Backed By Research

When researchers out of the University of South Australia studied the effect of fish oil on weight loss, they were surprised at the results. The research clearly showed that the combination of fish oil and exercise is a one-two punch against fat cells.

The lead author of the study, Professor Peter Howe, concluded: “When we divided up a number of people in our research program, we found that those taking fish oil combined with exercise lost significantly more fat mass than any other group in the study.”

Other studies have backed the fact that fish oil can accelerate fat loss.

How Fish Oil Works

It appears that fish oil works by turning on the “switch” that tells your body to burn fat, and turns off the “switch” that causes fat storage. Over time, this tug of war between fat storage and fat burning tilts in favor of fat burning –resulting in a leaner waist for you.

This of course doesn’t mean that after you eat a cheeseburger that the fish oil will magically burn it all away. For fish oil to work, you still need to eat a clean diet.

How Much Fish Oil To Take

To get the fat torching benefits of fish oil, aim for 500mg of combined DHA and EPA, the two chief omega-3s found in fish oil. Although supplements vary, you can usually get 500mg of EPA and DHA by taking about 5 capsules per day.

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