Linear or Concurrent Periodization?

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The concept of periodization is something that can be traced back to the Russians as early as the 1900s. Olympic trainers in Russia were coming up with many new training methods for athletes to get bigger and stronger. These trainers though it would make sense to divide the training into different categories. This is where the concept of periodization came from. The Russian trainers came up with quite a few wacky training ideas, but periodization—especially linear periodization actually became popular in the West. Now it has been adopted by some mainstream bodybuilders.

Linear Periodization

The concept of Linear Periodization is that training should be divided into different blocks of time or periods. This way each skill can be isolated and focused on individually. For each skill set there is a certain block of time in which that skill is practiced. Traditionally these divisions have been size, strength, power, and transition. The training starts with high-volume/low intensity and moves slowly toward low volume/high intensity. It all sounds reasonable enough at first.

Even though Linear Periodization is now much more popular in the United States, there have been problems with the practice in. This method has just not been as effective as many people thought it would be. Some people were eager to accept this concept even though the implementation it not logical. The idea seems to make sense until the actual implementation.

You spend all this time trying to build one skill and the other factors are ignored. The other problem is that once you build size and move on to strength you will probably start to lose that size. This doesn’t seem to make sense. For many bodybuilders Linear Periodization just didn’t seem to add up. Why waste time building size just to lose it when you move on to the next phase?

Concurrent Periodization

Concurrent Periodization is an alternative to Linear Periodization that solves the problem of detraining. With Concurrent Periodization you train for different goals at the same time instead of at different times. Now you won’t have to worry about losing any of the work you have done. You get all the benefits of Linear Periodization without the drawbacks.

The goals of Concurrent Periodization are very similar to those in Linear Periodization. They include: size, strength, power, and endurance. This strategy is actually the foundation of the Lean Hybrid Muscle Program. This is an effective way to increase your size and strength and burn fat—all without losing muscle mass.

Other training programs often lead to losing muscle mass along with your fat. There is no reason to sacrifice muscle mass just to lose fat. You’ve put a lot of work into gaining that muscle—don’t throw it away. With Lean Hybrid Muscle/Concurrent Periodization you are actually targeting many different elements at a time (size, strength and endurance) while still working on your overall goals.

This may sound too good to be true. Is it possible to do both these things at the same time? With Concurrent Periodization it definitely is possible. You can develop hybrid muscle and improve you strength and endurance. Instead of working in phases everything is a combined to increase efficiency and help you to achieve your fitness goals. You can now incorporate resistance cardio into your routine. This will help you burn more fat and build muscle cells.

If your goal is to develop multiple skill sets that Lean hybrid Muscle/Concurrent Periodization is the right choice for you. Don’t waste your time with old-fashioned Linear Periodization. You will certainly be frustrated and disappointed by the results. Choose Concurrent Periodization and you won’t regret it.

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