Make Every Calorie you Drink a Productive One

ColasBelieve it or not, you have basic control over the calories which go into your body. What you don’t have too much control of is what those calories actually do once you’ve taken them in. Diabetes, weight gain and a host of health problems are the inevitable results of taking in useless calories through what you drink. And since our bodies require a gallon or more of fluids every day, you can end up drinking far more calories than you even suspect you are, in short order.

Here are a few ways to master your calories:

Cut the colas

Soft drinks are treasure troves of empty calories. You feel thirsty, so you begin drinking a cola-based beverage. They’re tasty, after all. The problem arises when the salt in them (which comes out of the same carbonation which makes them fizzy) just dehydrates you further, making you crave more of them.

But while you’re taking in this pathetic excuse for hydration, you’re also taking in tons of additional calories. If you’re drinking just two small bottles of the average soft drink, you’re taking in 280 useless calories per day. Considering that an extra pound of fat is just 3,600 calories, that could be an extra 28 pounds of lard easily shed in a year’s time, just from cutting out the colas.

Sweeten your own tea

A lot of people who fancy themselves health nuts like to drink tea. And this is fine, because tea tends to be a low calorie way to get lots of cancer-fighting chemicals, while adding the hydration you need anyway. Unfortunately, many kinds of tea also contain caffeine, which can mess with your energy levels and sleep schedule.

And in the case of sweetened tea, the health benefits of the tea extracts are pushed aside by all of the sugar. While many varieties of tea have a slight natural bitterness about them, going into the full tilt sweetness that commercially sweetened teas possess is taking things too far. Instead of using whatever nonsense they’re using, use a little bit of honey. Not only does it have healthy characteristics of its own, honey is also a low calorie way to make a little sweetness go a long way.

Cut down on the booze

While most people are going to drink alcohol no matter what some article on the Internet tells them, you can do it a bit more moderately. And if you simply have to chemically escape your life every so often, you can do so by minimizing your sugar intake. One way to do this is through types of alcohol such as vodka, which have a lower sugar content and more alcohol by volume. This way, you can drink away your pain without adding a larger gut to your troubles.

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