Making Your 2010 New Year’s Goal Stick Like Super Glue

With  2010 right around the corner, most people are give some serious thought about their new year’s resolutions and goals. It’s not a huge surprise that the number one resolution for 2010 is to lose weight.

No matter if your new year’s 2010 goals include losing weight, paying off debt, or going back to school, there is a method called the DAPPS rule that will help you make goals that you can stick to. DAPPS stands for dated, achievable, personal, positive, and specific. Each goal on your new year’s goal list should have all of these attributes. If they do, you’ll be much more likely to succeed at meeting them. Let’s take a closer look at how to make a new year’s goal list using the DAPPS rule.

2010 New Years Goal – Dated

Every race has a finish line just like every goal needs a specific deadline. Without having a deadline you can fall into the dreaded “tomorrow syndrome.” You know what I’m talking about…I’ll work out tomorrow; I’ll start eating breakfast tomorrow, etc. Having a deadline will keep you motivated and help you stick to the plan. So if your goal is to lose 15 pounds, pull out the calendar and circle a specific date you’d like to have it done by.

2010 New Years Goal – Achievable

Be optimistic, but realistic. By setting a goal that is too lofty you can set yourself up for failure. Nothing is more draining to your motivation and confidence than going for a goal you can’t achieve.

2010 New Years Goal – Personal

Make sure that the goals are YOUR goals and not your spouse’s, friends, or family. If you don’t have personal ownership of the goal you most likely won’t achieve it because you’ll give up when the first sign of resistance hits.

2010 New Years Goal – Positive

Keep it positive! Instead of making a goal of “I’m not going to fail my class this semester” put a positive spin on it such as “I’m going to get at least a B in the class.” When your goal is simply to avoid a negative outcome rather than experiencing a positive victory, your chances of throwing in the towel are higher.

2010 New Years Goal – Specific

This is a big one! The reason many people’s resolutions fail is because their goals are too vague. Most of us have goals like “I want to lose weight this year.” That kind of goal is destined for failure. Sure you want to lose weight this year, but without specifics you’ll just end up feeling overwhelmed, lost, and not knowing where to even begin.

So instead of a vague goal of being more muscular, more lean, or more toned, go for something like: “I will go to the gym three times a week for the next two months”, or “I’ll get my body fat percentage below 10%”.

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