Michael Chapdelaine

Professional Writer and Powerlifter Michael Chapdelaine

Michael’s Bio

Mike C.
Michael Chapdelaine is a professional writer and a drug free, health-conscious athlete. He is both an equipped and a raw powerlifter who has competed in the American Powerlifting Federation (APF), United States Powerlifting Federation (USPF), and with USA Powerlifting (USAPL). Michael has qualified for and competed in national and international events such as the 2010 Raw Nationals, the 2011 Arnold Raw Challenge, and the 2011 State Games of America.

His achievements include a personal best, raw powerlifting total of 585 kg (1,290 lb) and he, at one time, held the California bench press record for his division. His experience with weight training stretches nearly 20 years with over 5 of those years training alongside national and international-level powerlifters such as Dave Cosnotti, Scott Mendelson, Davon Brazil, and Liz Freel.

Michael has spent a lifetime in sports with an eye toward fit living and good health. He was a high school varsity athlete in soccer and track-and-field, a collegiate letterman in rugby union, and an in-store sales associate for General Nutrition Centers.

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