In the world of bodybuilding supplements, it can be easy to forget the small stuff. The fact is that the single most essential and beneficial of all of your bodybuilding supplements is often nothing more than a simple multi-vitamin. Face it; your body can’t reach peak levels of fitness if you are depriving yourself of essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. And if you are a serious bodybuilder, it can be even more difficult to meet your nutritional needs. For this reason, it is imperative to utilize a quality body-building grade multi-vitamin as your base bodybuilding supplement. This will give you the foundation of good overall nutrition that will make any additional supplements you choose to stack work their best.

While any multi-vitamin is better than no multi-vitamin at all, if you are a serious bodybuilder, it is always recommended that you utilize multi-vitamins that are designed to meet your expanded nutritional needs. There are dozens of products on the market now that are specifically designed to be utilized by bodybuilders, and which contain higher than RDA of most vitamins and minerals. This is because these RDA numbers are calculated as being adequate for the average person – not the average bodybuilder.

There are numerous variables that you should take into consideration when choosing the best multi-vitamin for your situation. For example, while many supplements contain comparable percentages of most vitamins and minerals, less expensive (aka lower quality) multivitamins often contain vitamins and minerals at lower purity levels and also contain more filler.

It is also important to keep in mind that certain vitamins and minerals, namely iron, can be toxic if you overdo it. Because many bodybuilders stack their supplements, it is important to carefully read labels and modify your stack if necessary when incorporating a multi-vitamin into your regimen.

Finally, it is generally best to take a multi-vitamin that is tailored as close to your needs as possible. This means that women generally get better results with women’s formulas and men with men’s.

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