Muscle Building without Weights

Is it possible to Build Muscle without Weights? Although it isn’t the most efficient way to build muscle, it is still possible to build muscle without weights.

Remember to build muscle not only do you need to train your muscles but you also need to eat properly. Make sure you are eating a well balanced diet with 35-40% protein, 40-45% carbs, and 20% fat. For good ideas on what type of foods to eat you check out theses muscle building foods. If you are not getting any bigger make sure you keep eating more.

Muscle Building without Weights – Exercises

So what type of exercises can you do to build muscle without weights?

PullupsPullups are one of the best bodyweight exercises. You can work your back and biceps with this exercise. You are going to need some type of bar to do these. You can buy a pullup bar, that you can wedge between a door. There are also other creative locations where you are able to do pull-ups from, some parks even have pull-ups bars on their running trails. Anywhere you can hang from basically.

Pushups – Pushups are great for your chest, triceps, and even your shoulders. Elevating you legs on a chair or bench can add more resistance to this exercise. Varying the width of your hands can work different parts of your chest and can also put more emphasis on your triceps as you narrow the gap between your hands.

Bench Dips – Bench dips are great for your triceps. Think about sitting on a bench with your palms down on the edge of the bench. Now move your butt forward from the bench as your arms are extended, legs straight ahead as your hands on the bench are holding you up in the air. You can the bench at the elbow moving up and down working your triceps.

Crunches and Leg RaisesCrunches and leg raises are great exercises to work your abs. Try putting your feet up in the air when doing crunches.

Bodyweight Squats – you can easily do squats without any weights. This is a great exercises for both your quads and

Walking Lunges – you can do walking lunges in the hallway of your house. These will really work your glutes and hamstrings.

So now you have a few ideas on muscle building without weights and some exercises that you can easily perform. So how are you going to progress each week. To build muscle you need to consistently add resistance to your muscle. Each week you need to be doing more reps or sets to increase the resistance.

Build Muscle without Weight Tips

Just because you do not have weights doesn’t mean you can find things to act like a weight. Filling empty milk cartons with water can act like dumbbells. You could do bicep curls, dumbbell squats, dumbbell lunges, dumbbell shrugs, dumbbell raises and other exercises just by holding these milk jugs.

Think of other items in your house that can also act as weights. I am sure there is something you can lift above your head repeatedly to act as a shoulder press exercise. Just be careful what you use! Remember each week add more resistance by increase weight, reps, or sets.

With all these great ideas to build muscle without weights, there really isn’t any substitute for lifting heavy weights. If you want the build muscle fast, I recommend the workout routine that can be found in my free ebook here.

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