My 5×5 Workout Review

If you have been following the built fit forums, then you might have read that I have been doing a 5×5 workout program recently. In case you are not familiar with a 5×5 workout, then check it the article I posted on 5×5 training routines.

Basically it involves core/compound exercises aimed on building strength. Increasing mass and losing fat are also possible depending on your diet.

So I just wrapped up with 8 weeks of 5×5. Most cycles runs about 9-10 weeks depending on your progression. I hit most of my maxes at week 7 and was beginning to stall. Overall it was a great workout routine and I made good gains. My primary goal was to get my strength up and it did just that. Although I didn’t make as big of gains as my first 5×5 attempt, but it still was successful.

Here are my before lift 5 rep maxes:
Bench Press: 230×5
Squat: 325×5
Deadlift: 350×5
Overhead Press: 155×5
Rows: 210×5

Here are my results after 8 weeks
Bench Presss: 250×5, 255×3
Squat: 350×4, 355×3 <- Probably could do more
Deadlift: 385×4
Overhead Press: 165×5, 170×4
Rows: 225×5, 230×3

My initial weight: 183
Final Weight: 189, some fat

Overall I would say I gained close to 4-5 pounds of muscle mass. My diet started out with about 3600 calories and it increased to about 4100 at one point. My average daily calorie breakdown was: 37% protein, 42% carbs, 21% fat.

Supplements I took were Whey protein and occasionally some No-explode for some added energy in the gym.

Not sure what I am going to do next, probably a 4 day muscle building split with some different exercises. I am going to trim up some while trying to keep strength and add more muscle.

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