Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide

The ultimate goal of most bodybuilders (whether amateur or professional) is to build the biggest, bulkiest muscles possible in the shortest amount of time. The fact is that there are numerous products on the market today that promise to facilitate these goals, however few are as touted as NO (or Nitric Oxide) supplements. These Nitric Oxide supplements promise to provide users with a plethora of effects, most notably increased vascular performance, more efficient oxidization of the cells and muscles, increased strength, and better endurance. Of course, the extent to which Nitric Oxide supplements will benefit each bodybuilder depends largely upon the supplement itself, the bodybuilder’s overall fitness level, and the bodybuilder’s current stack.

How does Nitric Oxide work?

Most of us recognize it as a volatile gas, but few realize that it is also a very potent neurotransmitter. Quite simply, it is a trigger within the body, and it signals the body to do certain things. Among the most beneficial effects that is obtained through the use of Nitric Oxide is the expansion of the blood vessels, which NO supplements directly trigger. Bigger, more widely dilated blood vessels are simply more efficient, carrying more blood and therefore more oxygen throughout the body and (most importantly if you are a bodybuilder) to the muscles.

In addition to increasing blood flow, it should be noted that Nitric Oxide supplements are generally derived from the amino acid L Arginine. This particular amino acid has been demonstrated to increase levels of HGH in the body, as well as increase the levels of naturally occurring NO.

One of the primary reasons that many bodybuilders utilize Nitric Oxide supplements is that they provide an excellent delivery system for other supplements, and thereby increase the effectiveness of a bodybuilder’s entire stack. The dilation of the blood vessels allows the vitamins, minerals, hormones and other supplements contained in other supplements (and in food) to be more easily and readily transported throughout the body, which means that they are better able to do their job.

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