P90X: No Hype, Just Results

A lot of times, like a new sheriff coming to town in some old school western, a new workout routine or entire regimen comes to town and starts strutting around.

Yeah, as if the human race hasn’t been exercising ever since the days when we used to chase down each and every meal with a spear or a club. And it isn’t as if we’ve been intentionally working out ever since the Greeks used young men as sports idles (and for other things I’d just as soon not think about).

So now the new young gun in town is a workout regimen called P90X. And while its individual components are nothing too terribly special, their combination is definitely a shot in the arm.

So let’s take a look at the pros, the cons, and the bottom line. Here is P90X, unwrapped.

P90X Pros

For starters, P90X is a 6 day on / 1 day off regimen. As exercise science has known for decades, more than one day of “rest” can completely throw off years of cardiovascular conditioning, and take the steam right out of your freight train. But with only Sunday off, and at least one day between sets of ab work and weights, you have ample time to recover.

For another thing, as it comes with a meal plan, you’re making sure to attack your fitness goals from both of the important sides. Too many “fitness plans” ignore the issue of diet. And plenty of diets don’t work, because they give you the impression that starving yourself (or even genuinely eating right) means you can sit around all day and still lose weight.

Also, P90X comes with three different workout plans. This should mean that unless you’re already a shredded diesel frogman (or woman), you will NOT get bored.

P90X Cons

P90X is not the be-all end-all of exercise regimens. There are a ton of other cross-training methods you can use to get into “super stud” shape, such as running sprints, swimming, and rock climbing.

P90X also really hasn’t broken much ground on the exercise front. While it definitely isn’t repetitive, it’s nothing too new. For one thing, the Army has been doing most of this for well over a hundred years.

P90X Workout Program Bottom line

If you are looking to get in great shape, there are a ton of ways to do so. And P90X is definitely one of them. It’s a solid package, all-inclusive, and it WILL kick your butt hardcore. But it is not a religion, and is just “one way” to fitness Nirvana.

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