Perfecting The Protein Smoothie: Top Must Include Ingredients

Protein SmoothieOne of the fastest and most nutritious snacks that you can prepare for your diet plan is the basic protein smoothie. Smoothies are great for those who don’t have time to sit down to a full snack or meal but still want to get their nutrition in on the run.

It’s also vital to remember that you’re far better off preparing your own smoothies rather than stopping in at the local smoothie bar because pre-made smoothies from these establishments can often run close to 400 or more calories each.

While the ingredients may be healthy, that’s still far too many calories for most people’s fat loss diet plan.

To help you perfect your own home made smoothies, let’s have a look at the top ingredients that you should be putting into the blender.

Protein Smoothie Ingredient – Flaxseed Oil

First up is flaxseed oil. Most people don’t even consider adding this healthy fat to their smoothies since they’re so focused on just adding peanut butter instead.
While peanut butter is definitely a healthy addition to any smoothie, flaxseeds contain essential fats, really putting them up on the top of the list for healthy ingredients.

You can either use the whole flaxseeds (ground up) or flaxseed oil, whichever you prefer.

Greek Yogurt

The second must-have ingredient to go into your smoothie is Greek yogurt. Many people will often add fruit flavored yogurt and while this is okay, it often contains a very high amount of sugar.

Instead, go with Greek. Greek yogurt contains more protein and less sugar, so is just much better nutritionally speaking.

Plus, it’ll add a nice thick and creamy texture to the smoothie.

Frozen Blueberries

On the fruit side of things, while having some fresh fruit in your smoothie is a great idea and will definitely help it taste fresh, don’t neglect the power of frozen fruits as well.

Since these are already ice, they’ll really help to thicken up the smoothie, giving it a much better overall texture.

Frozen blueberries work perfectly and blueberries are loaded in antioxidants and are a very good source of dietary fiber as well.

At less than 100 calories per cup, they’re an easy add into your smoothie.

Do Not Forget Dry Oats

Getting in some healthy carbs will also be important if you plan to use this smoothie as a complete meal replacement so one food that you’ll want to consider adding is some dry oats.

While most people get their carb intake with their smoothie from all the fruits that get added, the advantage to using dry oats is that it will give you a slower burning source of energy so you’re less likely to experience a blood sugar crash.
Just a quarter cup of dry oats will easily help round out the smoothie and only add in an extra 80 calories.

So there you have some of the top ingredients that you should add to your protein powder, fresh fruit, and milk when creating a delicious yet nutritious smoothie that will help you stick with your meal plan.

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