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Prolifts3 WorkoutProLifts3 workout is a free muscle building and strength training workout created in 2012 by Thomas Calkins, founder   It was created with some training principles and ideas from popular workouts.Three of the main workouts that Prolifts3 is based on are the basic 3 day/ week Push/Pull/Leg split, Growth Stimulus Training (GST), and Madcow 5×5.   You will see similarities to GST and full credit needs to be given to that workout for the some of the foundation of ProLifts3.

ProLifts3 Foundation

ProLifts3 consists of a 3 day per week workout.  It features a Leg, Push, and Pull day.

It focus on one core lift every workout followed by 3 accessory exercises.   The workouts vary week by week so it will never get boring.  The workout features as easy to follow template, so you know exactly what exercises to do and what weight to use.

My Success

I did a 12 week test with the ProLifts3 and the results were great.  Here were some of my results:

  • Timeframe: 12 weeks
  • Lean Muscle gained: 7 lbs
  • Incline Bench Press: 20lb increase
  • Deadlift: 25lb increase
  • Squats: 20lb increase

Note these are not newbie gains

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