Reinventing The Wheel: The Amazing, Underrated Ab Wheel!


You may have seen it collecting dust in a lonely corner of your gym: the gimmicky-looking ab-wheel. It’s something that you might expect to see on a late-night infomercial and not on any fitness buffs training regimen. Sure enough, the ab-wheel doesn’t get a lot of love.

However, a silent majority of ripped ab-wheel lovers are out there. They laugh as they watch you huff and puff from endless crunches while they have rock-solid core stability and a 6-pack.

What is so great about the ab-wheel?

Different: So many core and ab exercises are tweaks on the same basic crunch-oriented formula. The motion of the ab-wheel is so incredibly different from the usual that it tends to stimulate the hell of your entire core.

Not only that, but the difficulty it brings to the table forces you into a lower (4-8) rep range –the ideal way to get a dormant six-pack to spring into action.

ROM: Unless you’re using a stability ball, the range of motion on most core exercises is extremely limited. On the other hand, the ab-wheel works muscles that would never get a bit of stimulation from the typical fair.

The result? A more complete and intense ab workout

Stability: The focus of the ab-wheel is on the abs, but if done right, it works the stabilizer muscles in your back, shoulders and wrists. Unless you just got done with a physical therapy session, it’s not bloody likely that you’ve given your stabilizer muscles a lot of attention lately.

Because the ab-wheel hits these muscles hard, you may actually improve on compound lifts that depend on strong stabilizer muscles like squats and pull-ups.

Ab-Wheel Success

Ready to blow the dust off of your ab-wheel and give your abs the workout of their life?

Start Low: The pinnacle of ab-wheel mastery is starting from standing, rolling out completely, and then coming all the way back up to your feet. Needless to say, it takes weeks of training to get this far.

To get there, try the ab-wheel starting from your knees –extending out until your chin touches the ground, and rolling back to your knees.

Clench: To protect your low back, firm up your core muscles before you even start rolling –and maintain this throughout the motion.

Straighten Out: It’s tempting to hunch over and bend your arms to make things a bit easier. To get the most from the wheel, keep your back and arms firm and straight (without locking out, of course).

Where to buy an Ab Wheel?

Check this one out below:

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