Smart Fast Food Choices

Eating Fast FoodSome of you may laugh at the title of this article. Smart fast food choices – there is no such thing. I would tend to agree with you, but there are some circumstances when you may be “forced” to eat at one of these establishments. Recently, I found myself with some friends who wanted to eat fast food, so I just had to make the best of it.

Eating Better at Fast Food Restaurants

Here are some great tips to avoid eating the most harmful food at fast food restaurants:

The most important tip is to avoid soda and deep-fried items. Steer clear of items such as chicken nuggets, fries, and breaded fish sandwiches. These foods have been fried in unhealthy oils that will wreak havoc on your body. Despite the fact that many fast food restaurants no longer use hydrogenated oils with trans-fat, the oils they do use can be just as harmful to your health.

Even 1 gram of artificial trans-fat can be detrimental to your body. Over time even this small amount can lead to clogging and hardening of your arteries. This may eventually lead to heart disease. Not to mention that you will end up with a flabby and unhealthy body. Just one gram can do this, so imagine what more can do.  Stick to healthy fat oils only.

A normal fast-food meal of a breaded sandwich and an order of fries could have about 10 grams of trans-fat. Some people may even eat a dessert with this mean which could push this meal to 13 grams of trans-fat. Just consider what you are doing to your body when you make poor choices like this.

Avoid Sodas all all Costs

There may be some occasions that you will need to eat at fast food establishments. So how can you go to a fast food restaurant and avoid unhealthy and dangerous food? The first thing you should so is “just say no” to soda. Soda is filled with high fructose corn syrup that will almost instantly turn to belly fat. Don’t even think about drinking diet soda. It can be just as harmful as regular soda. Instead, try drinking water or unsweetened iced tea.

Smart Breakfast Choices

For breakfast, an egg sandwich on an English muffin is a fine choice. You could also choose the fruit or nut salad. Be sure not to choose a croissant, as they are full of trans-fats. For lunch or dinner, a grilled chicken sandwich or grilled chicken salad (no croutons) is the best choice. A plain cheeseburger would also work. Now don’t get the wrong idea. I’m not telling you that fast food is healthy or organic because it is neither. These are just the best options if you are forced to eat at a fast food restaurant.

The most important lesson is that the main things to stay away from are fries and soda. You should also stay away from any food that has been deep fried. If you are tempted to make a bad choice, just think of the movie “Super Size Me”. Remember all the health problems that guy had after eating fast food? If you want to stay healthy you will avoid these foods like the plague.

Eat Smart Fast Foods is Possible

Choosing smart foods at a fast food restaurant seems counter-intuitive, but it is really simple of you take a moment to be intentional about your meal. Stay away from soda, trans-fats, and anything that has been fried. In a pinch, go with grilled item—you can be fairly sure that these foods are not as high in fat as other options. Many fast food chains also have nutritional facts available. If you are totally lost, just check out the nutritional facts. Eating foods that are not “terrible” is actually possible. It’s not that hard, just remember what you learned in this article!

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