So what are your Top 5 Exercises?

My top 5 exercises are


I have always liked barbell squats as a way to build your muscles. Essentially this is the only leg exercises you need to ever do.


I have recently started doing deadlifts in the past year and it has had a great effect on your overall back and hamstring development. I highly recommend this to anyone who doesn’t currently do them. I rarely see anyone at the gyms doing them.

Standing Overhead Press

This is probably my favorite exercise and I like it better than bench press. I like having the strength to lift heavy weight above my head. Make sure you do Standing Barbell Press instead of seated press. This is a great core exercise.


Dips are my favorite exercise for chest. I really get nothing out of these unless I start adding weight to them.

Bench Press

Who doesn’t like bench press? Its one of those things you like to be strong at since everyone will ask you have much do you bench.

So what are some of your favorite exercises? I would love to here your thoughts.

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