Strength, Stamina, and Endurance with Super Hybrid Muscle

Classic Arnold Bench Pressing

For over twenty years John Parrillo has been an influential figure in the bodybuilding world. Although some of John Parrillo’s ideas have been controversial in bodybuilding, there is actually solid science behind the concept of Super Hybrid Muscle. This idea certainly does not line up with the traditional point-of-view, but still some experts agree that Parrillo has some brilliant theories. When it comes to gaining muscle and losing fat, Parrillo truly knows what he’s doing.

Super Hybrid Muscle


John was an early adopter of Super Hybrid Muscle which is a very high intensity workout program. Parrillo quickly realized that this type of workout did much more than build muscle; it actually changed the composition of muscles. With the so-called “100 rep extended set” you are actually creating muscles that are filled with more mitochondria than in normal muscles. This is important since mitochondria are integral to building muscles; mitochondria supply energy to your muscle cells.

You can create a lean and strong body if you follow the Super Hybrid Muscle philosophy. With this method, you can force your body to create more mitochondria which in turn jump-starts your ability to create a body with both strength and endurance. Your muscles are not simply made of muscle fiber anymore-your muscle fiber is transformed into Super Hybrid Muscle fiber.

100 Rep Giant Set

There is really nothing new about the idea of the 100 Rep Giant set. The idea came in part from examining railroad workers in the 1800s. These men spent their days doing difficult manual labor, but only worked their shoulders, arms, and forearms. The railroad workers developed powerful upper bodies while their lower body remained the same. John Parrillo realized that this type of extended, intense workout would result in more mitochondria. This was exactly the sort of physical regime that could be recreated by the 100 Rep Giant Set.

The concept of the 100 Rep Giant Set is quite simple. Choose one muscles group and do 20 reps of any exercise. Start the next set immediately, doing 20 more reps. Choose another exercise and do 20 reps. Then you will do two sets of 20 reps—one of each exercise. Don’t allow yourself to rest in between sets. After you have completed all 100 reps you can rest for one minute or less. You should repeat this process 2-3 times.

It is not Easy!

When you consider that you have just completed 200 or 300 reps for just one muscle, you will fully realize the intensity of this workout. Most normal workouts won’t even get close to 100 reps (per muscle) even on high rep days. With the 100 Rep Giant Set, the name of the game is intensity. If it isn’t challenging, then it isn’t worth doing. Try to achieve a balance between challenging and realistic. You will want to finish with the same weight you start with.

You can use free weights or machines, but free weights will get you the best results. Free weights will make your muscles work harder, so you should consider this option seriously. Whatever muscle group you choose to work, be sure to do 100 Rep Giant Sets at once or twice per week. Rotate each muscle group for eight weeks. If you follow the workout routine carefully, you should start seeing results fairly quickly.

Even though the 100 Rep Giant Set does not follow traditional thinking in the world of bodybuilding, it can actually help you create a stronger, bigger body. It may seem a little strange if you are used to the fewer reps/more weight school of thought, but you will be pleased with the results.

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