Supplementation That Will Not Break the Bank

SupplementationNow, let’s start out by stating the obvious, just for the one person on the Internet who never seems to know anything. If you’re that guy, it’s no big deal – nobody here is judging you.

But we need to establish that even on their best day, a supplement is not an ideal substitute for genuinely good nutritional, exercise and sleep habits. For example, no
matter how high-quality your cortisol suppressant may be, living a genuinely low-stress lifestyle is still going to be a much better bet in the long term. Or even if you down protein powder 15 minutes after every hour, it’s not going to be quite as beneficial as a steak.

However, supplements are crucial for maximizing muscle mass  and overall health.

Consdering that we’re knee deep in the recession, let’s talk about how you can save some money on your supplements.

Join discount clubs

Just about every kind of supplement store has some kind of a discount club you can join. There are no fees, and you may find yourself saving 10% or more on the supplements you want. Considering the fact that you may also be able to “stack” discounts and coupons (which most discount clubs at any kind of store occasionally send out), as well as pick up an extra discount on your birthday, this can be a very big win all around. If you spend $600 a year (which is just the price of eating some whey protein with every meal), you could end up saving yourself a hundred bucks with practically no effort.

If you end up spending a few thousand a year (which is disturbingly easy to do), you may end up saving $500 or more with roughly the same amount of effort. This does count as “a brilliant flash of the obvious,” but it’s still true.

Buy in bulk

It’s surprising that people who use large amounts of things still tend to buy them in small quantities at a time. It actually has to do with human psychology, and how we consider small sums of money different from large sums. But that isn’t important here. What is important is that people pay a premium for immediate gratification if they don’t plan ahead.

Since you intend to use the supplements you buy for a long time anyway, you might as well buy them in the largest quantities that will afford you a discount. Even a few cents saved per unit can add up to some serious savings down the line.

Use the fewest supplements possible

Remember what we talked about earlier, about how supplementation will never be as good as genuinely good health habits? This is still true.

Just because you have a need for a few supplements doesn’t mean you have to go “full bore” and buy half the shelf’s worth of synthetic products. Things like Vitamin C, E and A supplementation are wastes of money, unless you have a medical condition that causes a critically low amount of them. Just eat some citrus, some spinach and talk a long walk in the Sun.

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