Supplements Every Fit Women Needs to Take

It seems that the majority of performance enhancing supplements out there appeal only to men. Whether it’s a scary, intimidating brand name or an ad with a picture of a football player squatting 900 lbs., these messages may give you the impression that fitness supplements are part of the old boys club.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. There are a number of supplements out there that can help women tone up, lean out, and look better.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is nature’s natural fat burner. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that green tea naturally boosted metabolism and fat burning after a single dose. Unlike other fat burners, green tea is extremely safe with a tiny risk of any side effects.

Other research has found that green tea has a long list of health benefits stemming from cancer risk reduction to cavity fighting.

However, studies show that you need to drink upwards of 8 cups of green tea per day to achieve these fairly remarkable benefits. If your life is too hectic to fit in hours of tea time, green tea extract is a convenient and effective alternative.

Calcium and Vitamin D

There’s a short window of bone building opportunity in your life. After you hit your late 20’s it’s all downhill. Whether you’re over the hill or a college freshman, calcium and vitamin D should be part of your supplementation regimen. Because physical activity works your skeletal system and your muscles, you need more calcium and vitamin D to help them build back up. The end result will be a greatly decreased risk of osteoporosis later in life.


What makes CLA a fantastic supplement for women is that it burns fat while decreasing appetite -2 things most women would love to have a bit more of. Even better, research suggests that CLA can actually spot-reduce belly fat. Like any fat burning supplement, it’s only as effective as your lifestyle makes it. In other words, CLA won’t be able to make up for an out of control sweet tooth or gym sessions replaced with Sex and the City marathons.

While it’s not quite as safe as green tea extract, side effects from CLA rare, and it’s a much better choice than ephedra.

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