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Boost Muscle 300% With This Supplement From Office Max

Have you heard? There’s a hot new supplement that’s been shown to: Improve focus Boost gains Prevent Injury Burn Fat The best part? It costs about as much as a pack of gum. Before you run to the local supplement … Continue reading

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7 Secret Weapon Foods For Muscle Building

Chicken. Oatmeal. Egg whites. What do these foods have in common? They’re all bodybuilding staples –and for good reason. Classic muscle building foods are popular because they work -but that doesn’t mean that in order to build muscle you have … Continue reading

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Build Serious Muscle -No Matter What Your Age!

Just because you’re a little bit older doesn’t mean that you can’t get lean, ripped, and buff. It doesn’t matter if you’re 40, 50 or even 60 – you can still get the body you want at any age. Continue reading

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So what are your Top 5 Exercises?

My top 5 exercises are Squat I have always liked barbell squats as a way to build your muscles. Essentially this is the only leg exercises you need to ever do. Deadlift I have recently started doing deadlifts in the … Continue reading

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