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6 Sports For A World Class Physique

If you rather spend time in Riker’s Island than your local gym, you may want to consider taking up a sport to get your fitness fix. However, most sports do little to get your body ready for the beach. Stick with these sports that are not only fun, but build a muscular, lean physique. Continue reading

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5 Old School Exercises That Build Mass

There’s a classic montage n Rocky IV that contrasts the training styles of Rocky and his Russian opponent, Drago. While Drago is using sophisticated equipment (at least by 1985 standards) to train for the brawl, Rocky is outside running in the snow, chopping wood, and carrying boulders. I’m sure you know by now who came out on top. Continue reading

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Supplements Every Fit Women Needs to Take

It seems that the majority of performance enhancing supplements out there appeal only to men. Whether it’s a scary, intimidating brand name or an ad with a picture of a football player squatting 900 lbs., these messages may give you the impression that fitness supplements are part of the old boys club. Continue reading

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8 Fitness Trends That Will Rock 2010-2020 Part 2

In article #1 of our Fitness Trends That Will Rock 2010-2020 we documented the contradictory rise of cavemen and techno obsessed lifestyles and the demand for workouts to be fun. Continue reading

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Get Fit While You Travel For The Holidays

Even if you’re traveling for the holidays you can still get fit away from home. Here are some great tips on how to stay in shape during holiday travel. Continue reading

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Importance of Rest and Recovery for Muscle Growth

Have you reached a plateau in your workouts? Have you stopped gaining muscle and all of a sudden your body isn’t responding? If so it very well could be that you haven’t been getting enough sleep. Sleep isn’t just something … Continue reading

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