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Get Abs Like Bruce Lee

He died long before the days of Swiss balls, fat burners, or elliptical trainers. Yet to this day, Bruce Lee’s picture-perfect abs continue to draw the envy of elite bodybuilders. Continue reading

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Boost Muscle 300% With This Supplement From Office Max

Have you heard? There’s a hot new supplement that’s been shown to: Improve focus Boost gains Prevent Injury Burn Fat The best part? It costs about as much as a pack of gum. Before you run to the local supplement … Continue reading

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Underrated Bicep Moves That Add 1/2″ of Arm Mass

When it comes to building muscle, your muscle growth is dependent on two things: resistance and variety. Sure, you may be throwing new plates on your curl bar every week, but that doesn’t mean that your biceps are going to … Continue reading

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4 Simple Ways to Mix Up A Stale Cardio Routine

Let’s face it: spending another 45 minutes of your day pounding away on another cardio machine scares you more than watching Saw V in a dark room. Because you’re motivated to burn fat, you stoically endure the mindless cadence of … Continue reading

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Build Serious Muscle -No Matter What Your Age!

Just because you’re a little bit older doesn’t mean that you can’t get lean, ripped, and buff. It doesn’t matter if you’re 40, 50 or even 60 – you can still get the body you want at any age. Continue reading

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So what are your Top 5 Exercises?

My top 5 exercises are Squat I have always liked barbell squats as a way to build your muscles. Essentially this is the only leg exercises you need to ever do. Deadlift I have recently started doing deadlifts in the … Continue reading

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