The Epic Warrior Muscle Launches

Nutrition Manual Epic Warrior MuscleI am proud to announce BuiltFit’s first fitness product The Epic Warrior Muscle.

I am been working on this project for a long time now and I pleased with the final outcome.

Background on The Epic Warrior Muscle

I developed the Epic Warrior Muscle program because I wanted to help other people who struggle to build muscle just like I did. Growing up, while even in High School, I always thought I could lift weights as frequently as possible and I would magically start gaining muscle consistently. No muscle came and I started to get frustrated. Looking back on it now I was doing everything wrong. I forgot the two of the most important aspects to building muscle: nutrition and recovery.

Here are some of the other mistakes I made:

  • Working out to often and over-training
  • No post workout meal
  • Lacking enough protein throughout the day and not eating enough food
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Sticking to machine weights and isolation exercises
  • Not tracking my workouts or diet
  • and much more….

Basically I was doing it all wrong. It took me a few years of researching and testing different workouts and diets until I finally discovered what did work and eliminated my mistakes in the past.  I went from a scrawny 135 lbs to a ripped 185lbs.

What is inside Epic Warrior Muscle

All this information is packed in Epic Warrior Muscle.  The Epic Warrior Muscle Nutrition Manual is the bread and butter of the program. Since muscle building comes down to 80% nutrition, this is the focus of the program.

You will find out:

  • What you need to eat to build lean muscle
  • Importance of pre workout and post workout nutrition
  • How often to eat and the amount of calories to eat
  • Truth about carbs, fats, protein
  • Importance of water
  • The best muscle building foods
  • and several hidden gems that can’t be revealed

Here is a sample of the opening paragraph of the book:

“Inside every person, there are two people who may
be fed or starved at their master’s whim. There is
the inner wimp, and the inner warrior. You seek to
build your strength, and tone your muscles, or you
would not be reading this. Perhaps you even seek to
have muscles so bold and glorious that grown men
tremble when you flex (or even when you don’t). If
that is your goal, this book will help you. But keep
in mind that as you walk the warrior’s path, you may
find yourself treading it alone.”

Along with the Nutrition Manual is the Workout Guide, workout logs, and nutrition logs.   This is the exact same program I used to transform my body and you can too. This isn’t some complicated or made up program. It is tried and testing and backed by scientific research – it works. I do not just give you a simple workout template. This book is packed with over 30 more pages of content to properly use the program to maximize its benefits.

It goes into great depth behind the philosophy of building muscle, from what exercises are the best, the correct amount of reps for muscle growth, to importance of recovery and more.

Epic Warrior Muscle Package

Also Included:

  • Exercises database – Videos, tips, and instruction to perform the lifts discussed in the Workout Program.
  • Full Support and continuous updates.

I stand behind the product and you can view details here.  You know that you will have my full support and I will be able to answer any questions you might have.

Here is a sample of the members area


If you enjoy any of the content here on then you will not be disappointed with what is inside, I guarantee. I will even guarantee that if you follow the program exactly how I have laid out you will gain at least 5lbs of muscle in the first 5 weeks.

If you are still unsure at least signup to my newsletter on the right sidebar and get my free ebook.

Order the Epic Warrior Muscle here

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