The Explosion of P90x: How It Came to Dominate the Fitness Industry

It’s on your TV, it’s in your radio – and it’s probably on your web browser. It’s P90x, the white hot fitness program that’s come out of nowhere to become a household name in the fitness world.

A Guy, a Girl, a Camcorder and $400 Million Dollars

In many ways, the P90x system is nothing new. Fitness videos have been collecting dust in people’s living room’s since back in the days of Betamax. But what made P90x so revolutionary was that it didn’t aim to turn someone from flabby to fit – but from fit to fitter.

Seeing a gap in the market in the at-home fitness niche, personal trainer Tony Horton decided to create a program designed for people that were already in shape. He teamed up with fellow PT Debbie Siebers to create what was then known as the Power90 In-Home Boot Camp. After countless updates to the program, Horton’s system ultimately became the more familiar P90x-a program to take in-shape folks to the next level of fitness and wellness.

Since 2001, the P90x system has pulled in an astounding $400 million dollars in total sales.

Explaining P90x’s Enduring Popularity

How did an amateur fitness video turn into the fitness craze of the century? There are a few key reasons that P90x didn’t just become another video tape in the $.99 cent bin at WalMart.

Marketing: Despite the high-quality of the product, there’s no question that aggressive direct-response marketing was an important driver of Horton’s success. In fact, Greensheet infomercial rankings have the P90x system as one of the most aired infomercials of all time. Recently, P90x has recruited online affiliates to promote and make a commission on the program – further boosting sales and popularity.

Market Gap: It used to be that people that wanted to get shape in home were forced to endure ‘Step Aerobics’ tapes –forcing grown men to mimic the movements of blonde women wearing neon pink wristbands. For decades, men that wanted to get buff at-home had to invest in incredibly expensive equipment like the BowFlex. The P90x system was the first system designed for people wanting to get into incredible shape without leaving their living rooms.

Holistic: Something else that made the P90x system stand out from the rest was that it focused on complete fitness and wellness. Unlike most exercise videos that abruptly ended after the session was over, P90x made sure to touch on other aspects of health like relaxation, yoga, pylometrics and nutrition.

Nutrition: Anyone who knows the first thing about fitness knows that exercise alone won’t do much for you. To really get the body and health you desire, eating right is a must. P90x separates itself from the pack by making nutrition a fundamental aspect of the program.

Structure: People love structured programs where they don’t have to think. It’s hard to imagine now, but P90X’s 13-week program was revolutionary. It was the first program to really hold you by the hand and tell you exactly what you needed to do to get fit, leaving no gaps.

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