The Must Haves Of A Proper Muscle Building Diet

Eat Lean

If you’re looking to really up your lean muscle mass, there are some important things that you absolutely must be making sure you take care of with your nutritional approach. You can work as hard as you like in the gym, but without that nutritional support there to back up your efforts, you’re going to fail to make progress.

Many people unfortunately don’t put nearly enough time and effort into planning their muscle building diet however, and then fail to see the results that they could be.
Fortunately, with a few simple adjustments you should have no problem getting yourself right back on track so you can see the success that you deserve.

Let’s have a quick look at the main must-haves of a muscle building diet plan

Muscle Building Diet Must Have – Sufficient Calories

If there is one thing that you cannot do without if you want to build lean muscle mass, calories is it. Trying to build muscle mass without enough calories coming in would be the equivalent of trying to build a house without bricks – as you can imagine, you wouldn’t get very far.

Now, there’s no reason to really overdo it here and take in thousands more than you need otherwise you’re going to seriously risk additional fat gain, but you must eat at least 250-500 calories more than what it takes to maintain your body weight.

This is then going to provide those raw materials that the body can use to generate the new muscle mass on your frame.

Adequate Protein

Next up you have adequate protein. Many people who are looking to build muscle mass know that protein is a requirement to build the tissue out of since it supplies the amino acids, which are the building blocks that muscle is made of.

As such, they have a tendency to take this a little too far. They’ll go off making up the vast majority of their diet consisting of protein rich foods, thinking the more protein they consume, the faster muscle will be built.

Don’t get yourself into this thought pattern. While enough protein is definitely necessary, once you’ve met your requirements, any further protein coming in will just get used as fuel. Since it isn’t the body’s preferred source of fuel either, that will actually just hinder your progress.

Aim for one gram of protein per day – possibly slightly higher if you really want to and then focus the rest of the diet on carbs and dietary fats instead.

Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

Finally, the last must-have for your muscle building diet plan is proper pre and post workout nutrition. If you’re working very hard in the gym then your muscles are going to be broken down and in need of some serious nutrients as soon as you get out.

Fail to provide these nutrients and you’re literally curtailing your results. There’s a ‘window of opportunity’ immediately after the workout session when the body is much more primed to take up these nutrients so try your best to place a good dose of protein along with carbs during this time.

If you do, you’ll recover faster, build muscle faster, and just see much greater overall progress. Not to mention you won’t feel quite as tired after that hard workout session for the rest of the day.

So there you have the top must-haves for your muscle building diet. If you haven’t been seeing the progress you’re looking for, it would be a very wise move to have a good look over your plan and see if any of these are in fact missing.

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