The Top 5 Fitness Gifts For The Holiday Season and 2012

As you get ready for the holiday season and new year, if you have a fitness fanatic on your gift list, nothing will make them happier than receiving a gift that targets their true passion. Whether it’s something that will enhance their workouts, break the boredom, or improve their nutrition, you can rest assured that your gift will be put to good use.

Let’s take a quick peak at some of the top gift ideas that you should consider getting this special person for the holidays this year.

Cuisinart Hand Blender

hand blender

the nutrition conscious person who always seems to be whipping up a new smoothie to try out, consider getting them a high quality hand blender. Getting enough protein in on a daily basis can be quite the challenge, but protein shakes make this that much easier.

To save your recipient from the boredom of the plain shake with water, this blender will mix together any items they choose to add in. It is easy to clean and easy to transport while traveling.

It’s also a great option for blending up soups, sauces, or for even grinding oats into oat flour with.

George Foreman G-Broil Grill

foreman grill

For anyone watching their body weight, grilled chicken breasts are a mainstay in the weekly menu. To help make preparing them easier, consider purchasing a George Foreman grill.

This grill will quickly cook chicken breasts, steak, fish, or vegetables and is easy to clean and maintain. For anyone who doesn’t live in a climate where grilling outdoors is always an option, this makes for the perfect gift to give.

Polar Heart Rate Monitor

Polor Heart Monitor

If the person you’re shopping for is someone who does their time on the cardio machines, a heart rate monitor will be greatly appreciated. You can purchase heart rate monitors in many different varieties now with some of the advanced models also telling you the total steps you’ve traveled as well as an estimate of the number of calories that you’ve burned.

Assess what will be most appreciated by the person on your list and view a few different models to make your decision. Heart rate monitors will ensure that they are getting the workout they want to be and making progress with their fitness goals.

Training Books

For someone who is rather new to the workout scene, getting them a quality book that explains the concepts of what makes for a good workout and diet plan will be a wise move. They say knowledge is power and nothing is truer than this statement when it comes to health and fitness.

Make sure that you assess the skill level of your recipient when looking through the books to select one that will expand on their current knowledge base.

Food Scale

Food scale

Finally, the last diet-friendly gift to consider getting someone on your list who is interested in improving their health is a food scale.

Part of succeeding with their fat loss or muscle building goals will be making sure that they are eating the right amount of calories each and every day and a food scale will make this much easier.

A food scale will help them learn the nutritional value of the foods that they’re eating quickly so they can get their diet where it needs to be for success.

So don’t feel frustrated with your gift giving any longer. Instead, pick up one of these gifts today and you’ll have a very happy person on your hands when they unwrap it this Holiday season and into next year.

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