Tips for Building Muscle Faster than Ever

BodybuildingSome people have a hard time building muscle no matter how hard they try. You may spend hours at the gym, coordinate a workout strategy, work with a trainer, take supplements, and still nothing happens. This can be very frustrating and demoralizing. Are you at your breaking point? Are you ready to give up? You don’t have to give up. There is a solution.

Elements to Gain Muscle Fast

After years of experience, I have realized that there are a few key elements to gaining muscle mass fast. If you want to see results, you can’t ignore these factors. Take this advice seriously and you will be more than pleased with the results. They have helped people make major muscle gains even for those hard-gainers.

Here are the three tips for gaining muscle faster than ever:

1. Most of the exercises you do (95%) at the gym need to be multi-joint compound exercises. Whatever your fitness goals, these multi-joint compound exercises should comprise the majority of your workout routine at the gym. This will ensure that you are building a lean and powerful body.

This means that 95% of your workouts should be exercises like these:

  • Horizontal press- upper body
  • Horizontal rows- upper body
  • Vertical pull-upper body
  • Vertical press-upper body
  • Squatting movements-lower body
  • Deadlifting movements-lower body
  • Dingle leg movements-lower body
  • Abdominal and core exercises

For the rest of your workout you can do single-joint exercises like triceps presses, calf presses, shoulder shrugs, or lateral raises-whatever single-joint exercises you want. Remember that you should only do these exercises after you have completed the main focus (multi-joint drills). Single-joint exercises should only be about 5% of your total workout time.

Training Schedule

2. You should be training for 3 or 4 days per week. Try to aim for about 45-60 minutes for each weight training session. Be careful not to train for over 60 minutes because you may cause excess catabolism. The key is to maintain a balance so you can start to see that muscle growth. Of course you should challenge yourself, but don’t overdo it. An injury could really set you back after all your hard work.

A super-set style of workout will help to give you an intense workout. You can try combining upper and lower body movements for an extra intensity boost in your workout. Squats combined with pull-ups or deadlifts with a bench press would work well as a super-set.

Eating Properly

3. Don’t obsess over your eating habits. As long as you are eating healthy, whole food which are not processed you will probably be fine. Some people end up spend so much time buying the latest supplement and the newest bar that they neglect their important work which is in the gym.

Look for quality proteins like eggs, dairy, fruits, meats, nuts, seeds, and vegetables. Stay away from unnatural bars, shakes, and meal replacements. These items are mostly just a huge waste of money, not to mention unhealthy for your body. Eating right shouldn’t be the challenge-your challenge should be in the gym. Think natural and you should be on the right track

Of course, the simple steps above may appear “too easy”. It takes a ton of work to build muscle, but the process should not be complicated. The effort should come in your workout, not from scouring muscle mags to find the latest trendy workout program. If you can find a way to make the 3 tips a part of your everyday life, then you will be lean and ripped in no time.

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