Top 10 Bodybuilding Mantras

The big push in the diet and fitness world is to become centered and get the mind and body working together. There is actually scientific proof that this is effective. When the mind and body are working together the central focus is on the goal at hand. So, why wouldn’t that work for bodybuilders, too?

One way that some holistic health practitioners focus the mind and body on a goal is to use mantras that are repeated over and over until they become second nature. These mantras can be called upon when a particular craving or urge is especially strong. It is used to reinforce and develop habits. Bodybuilders need reinforcement just like anyone else.

The following 10 mantras can help the bodybuilder stay focused on the goal at hand and fight off those damaging urges. Besides some of these are just fun to say. And, just imagine the stares and funny looks you’ll get as you mumble these walking down the street.

1. “Tuna is my friend.” Yes, you could substitute any healthy food in there. Chicken, egg whites, cabbage, celery, or any other food you might have to force yourself to eat can be put into this mantra. This one is a reminder to keep eating healthy.
2. “When in doubt, max out.” This one is not about one repetition maximums. It is about intensity. If you always push yourself to the max you will never have to second guess your workout. Your body will thank you with slabs of rock hard muscle.
3. “Pre-contest diet equals post contest binge.” This one becomes very important in the latter part of a contest diet cycle. When your friends are eating steaks, burgers, pasta with cream sauce, and other off-limit foods, you will need to call upon this one to remind you of how good the post contest meal is going to taste.
4. “Head and shoulders, knees and toes…and everything in between.” If you aren’t training every muscle between the head and toes then you are sacrificing your symmetry and balance. This one will remind you to examine your workout to make sure you aren’t neglecting any muscle groups.
5. “Big is good, bigger is better.” There is always room for a little more size. Low body fat percentages are important, but I’ve never seen a skeleton win a bodybuilding contest. Use this one to remind you to push hard at each mass workout.
6. “Life is like a protein shake.” It is all about what you put into it. Load a protein shake with sugar and fat and it won’t be as effective. Take it as it is designed and you will reap the benefits. Approach life the same way, don’t add a lot of garbage and you will see success in the long run.
7. “If you can’t go heavy, go home.” This one is meant to remind you that your body is very good at telling you when it is sick or injured. If it is telling you that you can’t workout at your normal intensity, you may need a break. Listen to it.
8. “Work equals force times distance.” Remember that a full range of motion is much more effective for promoting muscle growth and development. It also helps improve flexibility. Lifting extra weight in only a partial range of motion is actually less work than performing full reps with a little less weight.
9. “Leaders can’t be followers.” If you want to be the best in the game you can’t just follow some mass produced program. You need to take bits and pieces of what you have learned from others and develop a program that will take you to the top.
10. “Balance starts at the base.” Too many bodybuilders neglect their legs. This one is meant to remind you that without a strong base you will never be in balance. Strong, thick legs give the body an overall, powerful appearance.

Then, of course, there are always the ones you make up yourself. It can be fun making up your own to fit your specific goals. Just focus on your desires and find the words that direct you toward them.

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