Top 10 Muscle Building Foods

Chicken and ProteinIf you’re looking to put together a diet plan to help you build more lean muscle mass, it’s a must that you’re taking a good look through all the foods that you’re eating.

Which foods are going to be best for delivering optimal results? Let’s give you 10 of the best muscle building foods that you should be eating.

Muscle Building Food – Chicken

Topping the list of great foods is chicken. Chicken is low in fat, carb-free, and very high in protein. You can cook it so many different ways that you’ll hardly ever find that you get bored.

Cottage Cheese

The next food that you should be adding to your diet is cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is a form of casein protein, meaning it will digest more slowly in the body. This makes it ideal for right before bed when you move into the overnight fasting period.

Lean Beef

Lean beef is the next option to consider. Lean beef is not only going to provide protein, but also supply you with iron, which is essential for keeping your energy levels up in each workout that you do.

Choose the leanest cuts you can find to limit your saturated fat intake.


Salmon is another terrific source of protein that’s a must-have in your diet. Salmon is high in protein but also high in essential fatty acids, which are something that you must be taking in daily. Your body needs these for optimal functioning and salmon is one of the best sources to get them from.


Looking at the carbohydrate side of things, quinoa is a top pick. Quinoa is a complex carbohydrate, so it will break down slowly in the body and will not produce the insulin spike that you’d get from some other carb sources.
Furthermore, it’s also a complete source of protein, so is ideal for anyone who is following a vegetarian diet plan.


Oatmeal is the next must-have carb in your diet. Oatmeal is slow to digest, low in sugar, and will make for a perfect way to start your day. If you’re struggling to meet your calorie needs, consider having oatmeal raw.

This is a great calorie dense way to get it in.


Potatoes and yams are the next carb that is a must for those looking to build muscle. Pasta is much higher in calories than some other foods, but that’s precisely what you want during this time. Just be sure not to use a high fat sauce to keep it healthier so you can build lean muscle and not gain body fat.


On the healthy fat side of things, turn to nuts. Nuts are high in unsaturated fat, contain a moderate dose of protein, and even offer some dietary fiber.

Just do watch your portion size so that you don’t take in too many added calories.


Avocado is another good source of healthy fats to add to your diet. This will quickly add flavor to any dish that you’re preparing.


Finally, don’t forget about milk. Milk is fast and easy and will add more calories to your day when you need them.
So have a good look over your current diet. Are you getting in enough of these foods? If not, make some changes so you are.

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