Top Exercises For Lower Back

Lower Back Exercises

Including some of the top exercises for lower back is important as you go about formulating your workout program. Some people place so much emphasis on the muscles that they see first when looking in the mirror, and thus, the ones other people will see as well – the chest, shoulders, and arms, that they completely overlook training the muscles in their back.

If you want to see optimal progress taking place, make sure that you aren’t forgetting about these. Building a strong back is important for maintaining good posture as well as making sure that you don’t suffer a muscular imbalance because your chest muscles are just a little too strong.

Let’s have a quick peak at the top exercises for a lower back that you must consider.


The first exercise to consider performing for your lower back is the deadlift. The deadlift is often thought to be a prime exercise for increasing your lower body strength because it’s going to maximally target the hamstrings.

While it definitely will work these muscles hard, it’s also going to stimulate the muscles in the lower back as well. When done properly, you’ll get a very good core workout doing deadlifts as the entire core must contract to hoist the weight upwards.

When doing deadlifts, just be sure that you never round the back as you go about the exercise because this would immediately put you at risk for developing back pain.


Next, the second exercise to consider is the superman. The superman is great for strengthening the lower back as well as the smaller muscles that run all along the spinal column.

To perform the superman, you’ll simply place a weighted plate across your back and above the head. From there, lying in a prone position, lift up as high as you can go off the floor while keeping the legs on the floor as best as possible.

Pause at the top and then lower back down again to complete the rep.

Good Mornings

Finally, the last good exercise to perform to for the lower back is the good morning exercise. The good morning is somewhat similar to the deadlift only you’re doing it in reverse.

Rather than going from a position where you’re fully bent over to a full standing position, you’re going to go from a full standing position to being half bent over, while holding a barbell across your back.

This is going to work the muscles in the lower back slightly better than the deadlift does, which places more emphasis on the lower body as we mentioned.

Keep in mind that most people are not all that strong in this position, so if you do have to use a lighter weight, don’t beat yourself up over it. You’re far better off using good form and a lighter weight than trying to lift heavy and risking injury.

So keep these three great moves in mind for working the lower back. Make sure you get them in and you will be on your way to developing a balanced workout program.

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