Top Pre Workout Drinks

Top Pre Workout DrinksThere are tons of pre workout and energy drinks that you can buy. Some of these drinks give you only energy and others have added nutrients that will help your strength, endurance, and that pump you want in your workout. The very top pre workout drinks give you both.

Try to avoid pure energy drinks. These drinks do not provide a lot of support for your muscles and can actually give you stomach upset when you’re training. They also have a diuretic effect and can lead to dehydration when you train in hot weather. While these drinks give you a great burst of energy immediately, when they wear off you end up with a major crash.

It’s best to drink the drinks that have supporting nutrients. Most pre workout drinks you can buy at in the nitric oxide (NO) category. These drinks give you energy you need to get through workouts while also giving you needed nutrients that boost your performance and enhance pumping during and after working out.

Pre Workout Drink Ingredients

Some form of creatine is in many pre workout drinks. Creatine is important to the energy process and greatly enhances both strength and endurance while you’re working out. Examples of popular drinks are Dymatize Energy Xpand, NO Shotgun by VPX, NO Xplode, and Gaspari SuperPump 250. Drinks such as these are perfect choices for people who want both creatine and caffeine to raise energy levels.

If you want to take your own creatine version there are drinks that don’t have it in them. Some people prefer to follow strict loading and maintaining of their creatine. Controlled Labs makes a drink called White Flood that has blends that focus on endurance, blood flow, and energy. Another popular drink that is not actually designed as pre workout drink is VPX’s Black Pearl. This actually was designed to be a drink to enhance the male libido and increases male sex hormones and blood flow. These hormones also promote muscle growth. Ultimate Orange is one of the very first pre workout drinks and it uses carbs, caffeine, and protein to give you workout energy and the nutrients you need for your muscles.

Top Pre Workout Drinks

If you can’t handle caffeine there are drinks you can use. Nutrabolics NOZ or Dymatiz Xpand have no caffeine. They are not actually pre workout drinks but they have enough creatine and arginine to make them good options. These drinks also have a little bit of protein and carbs. Xpand adds medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) for an extra boost.

For those wanting both caffeine and creatine, try Gaspari SuperPump 250 or BSN’s NO Xplode. If you want a drink that doesn’t contain creatine then White Flood or Ultimate Orange are good choices. Black Pearl will boost both your energy and your libido. Dymatize Xpand is great for those who can’t handle caffeine. All of these drinks will help boost your energy levels and your workouts. If you don’t like anything that is on the market, you can always look up how to make your own top pre workout drink.

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