Top Protein Picks To Include In Your Diet

Regardless of whether you’re looking to maximize your overall rate of fat loss or you’re focusing on adding more lean muscle mass to your frame, one thing is certain and that is that protein in your diet will be a must.

Protein is the one nutrient that is absolutely required with the body and without it, you’re going to be shorting yourself of results.

In order to make sure you’re meeting your protein needs adequately, it’s going to be vital that you pay attention to the quality of protein that you’re consuming so the body can utilize every single amino acid found in that source of protein.

Let’s have a look at the top protein picks that you should be adding to your diet on a regular basis.


The very first source of protein that you should be sure to consume at least twice per week is salmon. Not only is salmon going to be a high quality source of protein, but it also packs in a good dose of essential fatty acids as well.

The body requires these on a regular basis through your food intake as it cannot make them on its own and they will go a long way towards supporting overall health and wellness.

Cottage Cheese

Second, cottage cheese is the next source of protein that you must have if you want to succeed on your diet plan. Cottage cheese is a form of casein protein, which is the variety that digests incredibly slowly in the body.

By choosing this protein you will ensure that your muscles get a steady stream of protein over time, thus making this an ideal option right before bed.

Egg Whites

Third up on our list of protein choices to make up your diet plan is egg whites. Egg whites are a nice option because not only are they also very high quality, but they are also completely fat free. Better yet, for those who are strict fat loss diets they are fairly high in overall volume, so if you have a full cup of egg whites you’ll be getting a good amount of food but yet only consuming around 120 calories.

When dieting, the volume of the food you consume plays a big role on how hungry you feel so this is something to not overlook.

Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is one of the more common protein sources that most people eat and for good reason – not only is it low in fat but you can prepare it in a variety of different ways.

It would be a wise move to prepare a big batch of chicken breasts over a weekend and then place them in the freezer once finished so you can take them out individually and use as needed.

Lean Red Meat

Finally, the last protein source on our list is lean red meat. Some people choose to forgo this protein source as they think it contains too much saturated fat, but if you choose wisely, it’s really not that high at all.

More importantly however, this source of protein is going to supply you with a good dose of both iron and creatine, two things that are vital for active individuals.

You won’t get as high of levels of these substances in other sources of protein, which is why red meat is a must-have on your diet plan.

So make sure that you’re not overlooking any of these important protein sources. If you get good variety in your diet plan then you can rest assured that you aren’t at risk for any protein deficiencies.

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